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Selamat Balik! All continues to move forward. The dark cabalpersists in assuming that they are still untouchable, but this deep belief isabout to be shattered. The various Light forces now possess arrest warrants toformally put away these rapscallions. This development is to also terminate theold illegal USA, Inc. and the attached-at-the-hip Federal Reserve Bank. Theugly truth is going to completely break them. The dark's future is to berevealed as they are swiftly rounded up and sent unceremoniously to the holdingcells in the sky.


SelamatBalik! 天狼星语,衷心欢迎。所有事情都在继续推进。黑暗阴谋集团固执地认为仍然无法触及他们,但是这深深的信念就要被打碎。多方面的光力量现在持有逮捕证正式地把这些反叛者带走。这个进展也会终结非法旧美国(政府)公司以及粘在其屁股后的联邦储备银行。这个丑陋的真相将会完全打破他们。随着他们正被快速地围捕并被毫不客气地送到天上的牢房里。


   This much-needed imprisonmentis going to greatly shock everyone still associated with the dark ones andtheir ways. It is to enable the beginnings of the currency flow long promisedto you. An initial flow of funding is going to launch the new NESARA Republicand end the long delays that have characterized your reality. This one event isto historically symbolize your new reality. The purpose of this process is tocomplete our new reality by formally removing all things that can in any way betied to the old.




   Useless delays andmounting frustrations are to be replaced by success and joy, and a realm whereyou and the Light are really in charge. We urge you to please be patient as theLight finally commences the vitally needed round-up of countless scoundrels. Weare to be dedicated to the fall of the old, illegal regime and their associatedinstitutions. New technologies are to be properly introduced, but may takelonger to come into effect than was first anticipated.




   Hence, know in yourheart that a great deal of fundamental movement is happening behind the scenes.It is these secluded actions that are presently accounting for everything thatis expected to change our current reality. We remain confident that the newcommunications can allow us to do what is necessary for overall success. Theinitial part of our strategy is complete. The rest is to quickly follow. Wefully expect that your existing concerns are to be swiftly replaced by theinitiation of your grand visions, which are to be put into full operation.Indeed, the best is now to come. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!




   Blessings! We are yourAscended Masters! Heaven sees what is happening now as simply "justdeserts" for the dark and its greedy minions. For a very long time, thecabal has delayed the inevitable. It has created inordinate frustrations andcaused many to falsely believe that deliveries were never going to happen. Yourmagnificent divine visions are at last to be realized! It has taken a wholeseries of surprises to ultimately allow your funds to materialize. We simplyask that you thank Heaven and truly enjoy what is about to unfold.




   Heaven wants you toemploy your grand passion and show just how wonderful all of this is to be. Theemerging funds are to permit the new NESARA Republic, end USA, Inc and allowthe new UST notes to become this nation's new gold-backed currency. The cabal'sminions are being separated and, as noted previously, are being sent to aspecially readied incarceration in the sky. They are never to bother you again.You are to see them in the future only as part of the final steps of this globecoming into full consciousness.




   These events took solong because time was required to successfully complete a number of crucialprocedures just before you receive your initial funds. Be in joy as you are toquickly realize just how valuable this special process really was. At present,all is in place for what you have truly waited for. We simply ask you tocontinue on with your passion and quickly set in motion the divine prototypesthat are to graciously symbolize this new and wondrous realm!




   Today, we have joyouslyreported what is going on across our beautiful blue-green orb. This newlandscape is to witness the completion of countless enterprises that are toreshape it into a world filled with freedom, peace and boundless prosperity.Never forget, dear Hearts, that the countless and never-ending supply of Heavenis yours! So Be It! Selamat Gejun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! And Be InJoy!) It is time for all to come to fruition!!!










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