Beloved, would that the world, the so-called world made of you – who are My representative of the world on Earth, who are also My child born from Heaven – would that you regard everyone with the common courtesy and respect due the one Child of God, and with the generosity of one brother or sister who gives love in full bloom to all?



Disregard has no business to exist. How can it be, that in public or in private, harmony doesn't always make itself known? Never did I okay anyone from grading anyone less than I do. I ask you to extend your heart to all.



Sometimes I do see beautiful occurrences of My Grace distributed so beautifully on Earth that I am in awe. I see the world lit up in wonderful ways where everything is just right and common courtesy abounds, and the world is a wonderful place to be, and I applaud you and I say: “This is good.”



I am not speaking of a difficult deed whatsoever, just ordinary looking into another’s eyes and uplifting ordinary hearts. Everyone remembers extraordinary examples of goodness, and, also, examples of what I will call thoughtlessness or even begrudging an ounce of shared light in the world. I say, let’s mingle on Earth.



There still seems to be something called status in the world. There are people who may treat some so-called others according to a kind of appointed status, and, so, My children find themselves honored or dishonored accordingly. How can disparity happen in a world I created? In the world I create, can it not be that everyone is treated everywhere as a beloved child of God? In My book, yes, please say Yes!



No one has to be bowed down to, yet I ask that everyone have the courtesy to look everyone in the eye and no one be overlooked or looked down upon. How can simple awareness be overlooked in a world I created from all the love in My Heart?



Remember love. Remember Oneness. Why would anyone be condescended to or considered out of bounds? Of course, love is not to be feigned by a long shot. My love is meant to shine on all.



May I remind you that there is no separateness. Stand up and do not declare even a possibility of a them or an us – certainly not an us who deserves all blessings, and a them who arbitrarily must wait at the end of the line. When you live in a rich country, accommodate. Be rich of heart and welcome all. Draw no lines of separation. Without question, in God’s World, make room for all. Hearten all hearts by expanding yours.



Oh, the silliness of distinctions in the world. Please remember I created this world, and I created this world for all and not for just some. I am an equal-empowerment God of Oneness, and Oneness is all.



Come and stand by Me. On what basis would you stand across the street from Me?



Excuse Me, dear, of course, be grateful for what you are blessed with, and also find room in your heart to embrace all whom I embrace. Would you really choose to do less? Open, open, open your heart.



There is such a thing as the Milk of Human Kindness. It runs through you. May you bless all in the world with your hospitality. Keep your heart open. Be glad to welcome all to your heart. You make Me glad as well.



Beloved, would you choose to close your heart tight to keep out anyone from My fold? If you are higher, then come from higher. Be One with Me and all.






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