So many enlightening human beings on the planet are interested in expanding into new areas and experiences. If you are feeling this, you are stepping into your role of pioneer, which is another path of service.




Most people only create for themselves based on what they have already experienced or believe can happen. Pioneers open up new paths of potential not only for themselves, but for others. It is being the example of empowered co-creator and demonstrating what heart-centred navigation looks like.




Some will see what has opened up from others and will use that to propel them forwards into even further expansion. It will create new inspirations, allowing you to play creational leap frog with each other. Others will choose to simply move their own lives in new directions because of what they now see as viable options.




Do you see? Your growth always serves the whole. Moving forward in unprecedented energies is beautiful and sacred service, both for yourselves and for others, and this is what makes the times you are in so miraculous. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan



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