J: Mother, in your channels, why don’t you tell us about what’s going on in the ‘battle’ for ascension? Why don’t you forewarn us, so that we may be prepared for things like the lockdown?




DM: My dear child, I am so pleased that you have asked me, as many of my children have wondered this very thing. And my question to you is: what kind of mother would I be if I did that?




J: I’m sure I would warn my son. Actually, I’m always warning him about things!




DM: This is true, and perhaps you would like to reconsider this after this session.


DM: 确实,也许你会在这个谈话后重新思考一下这一点


J: I’m sure I will!


J: 我会的


DM: My role as a mother, indeed the archetypal energy of a mother, is creation. It is creation of the child, of the human; but not just the physical form, it is also the creation of the emotion, mental and spiritual bodies of the child.




I have created all my children, those who appear to have strayed from the path of light from which they came, and those who are steadily increasing the radiance of their light. I never pit one child against another. I never root for one child over another.




There are divine rules in place that enable all children to learn the lessons of the light, which will bring them home to their True Self. Each child will learn these lessons in their own time, in their own way, and develop their own unique understanding of existence in that process: just like human children.




These rules include free will and karma. There is also an Amplification of Light principal, which allows those who reach a certain level of spiritual maturity to expand their light exceptionally quickly by sharing their lived experience of light and love, with others so that they may expand also. It is rather like more capable students tutoring students who are struggling more with the lesson plan.




If I were to ‘forewarn you’, I would be robbing you of the experiences you require to grow.




My purpose is to provide you with a spiritual compass. When I come to you, I bring divine love. I recharge your batteries. I remind you of your ‘true north’, the direction in which you need to go to return Home.




My purpose is not to provide you with the answers so that you may cheat in the exam. My purpose is to equip you with the wisdom that will allow you to pass the test yourself.




J: So, is this a test?


J: 所以,这是一个测试吗?


DM: It is an expansion. Before each expansion there is a contraction, a moment when all the lessons you have learnt, all the understanding you have gained will need to be applied, in order to move into the expansion. This is that contraction and expansion.


DM: 这是一个扩张。在每一个扩张之前会有一个收缩,其中你所学的一切课程、所获得的所有理解需要被应用,以便进入扩张。这就是收缩和扩张


J: So not an exam?




DM: It is the expression of your learning in practice. The role of exams and tests on earth is a distortion - invented to curb ability, not free it; to undermine you, not expand you.




The process of returning to the light is never about exam stress and failure. It is about expanding into the fullest experience of who you are in any given moment, and especially in this now.




My divine children, you are doing wonderfully. No mother could be more joy-filled by the sincere love of her children applied everywhere.




When you feel you are exhausted, disheartened or angry, please come to me and I will recharge you; I will nourish your soul and restore your heart. I am always by your side.




J: Thank you so very much. That was incredibly helpful.




传导:Jennifer Crokaert

翻译:Nick Chan







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