Dear Onesplease be assured that all the spiritual talk about detachment and acceptance does not for one second mean we are wishing for you to turn into unfeeling robots! Your life is going to be filled with a myriad of experiences and emotionsand that is all part of having a human experience.




Disappointmentfor exampleshows that you cared deeply about something and that is a wonderful thing! Emotions themselves are not badin fact they are incredibly valuable to youto help you experienceexpress yourselvesbe aware of what is looking for love and nurturing within youand allow you to further define what your preferences are.Fear of emotions can cause a person to isolate and be too afraid to experience anythingwhich is so contrary to what you are on the planet to do! As alwayswhat causes the most pain is resistance because your soul is always seeking to growexperienceexpand and evolve.




So be present! Love wholly and completely! Don't be afraid to feelfor that is the gift of being alive.Know that if an emotion comes up that you are not comfortable withyou are not bad or unevolvedyou are simply being given a chance to further fill yourself up with your own loving care.It is through this consciousness that you will be able to flow and expand without fearfor you will quickly learn that you will be fine no matter what presentswhich will allow you to even further embrace life and all that is.~Archangel Gabriel






翻译:Nick Chan




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