Beloved, you cry out: "Heaven Help Me!"


Beloved, often, I hear you cry out: “Heaven help me.”


Please know that I, as a representative of Heaven, hear you loud and clear. I hear you with all My heart. I hear you, and I reply to you. Simply, My listening to you alone uplifts you. Hear Me speak, and you are uplifted.


When you are uplifted, what answer cannot you hear?


In reply to you, I cry out:


Hear Me. Hear Me. Beloved, it is My deep desire that you hear Me. I am here for you to hear. I am for you. You are Myself. We exist on an even keel. I hear your every breath and your every thought. I love you plain and simple. My heart is yours. I am behind you every inch. I am strongly for you and beside you and ahead of you as well. We are One.”


My very question to Myself is:


How can We be One as We most assuredly are, and yet you feel isolated from your very Source? How can this be? It’s beyond ironic, isn’t it?”


Actually, I do understand. On the surface, so far as you can yet see, I do not fulfill your every wish. I speak not of your whims. We are speaking of what is understandably downright deep and true to My One Child. You speak of deep weeping for the loss of loved ones. These are holy matters to your heart.


Beloved, be assured, I am well aware that your heartaches have a basis. Be assured, I do not leave you high and dry. Beloved, your feelings go deep. I am allegiant to you. I am your support. This does not mean that I always do your bidding instantly or to the extent that spares you all grief. My Will is always with you. My Will isn't opposed to yours.


The thing is, you presently see only so far as you can see.


If you could see as I see, you would cheer Me on every inch of the way. Even as it is, sometimes, in hindsight, you do see far beyond the surface physical level.


If you could follow My thinking through its whole course, you would see greater horizons. Some of your desires are seemingly compatible to what you see now as a good-hearted loving future. My vision goes further than yours. Nevertheless, you are on your way to expanded vision.


If you could see from My view now, you would see all the ins and outs. You could rely on more than trust. You would see as I do see, and you would see greater purpose in whatever adversity you may take to task at present. You might look at Me and say:


Thank You, God, for your loving watchfulness over Me.”


In any case, it behooves you to stick with Me. Let’s run the course together, Beloved. My desire is to further you and bless you and extol you – never to compete with you.


Trendy statements do reveal some truth, yet none of these may say the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Truth in the outer world isn’t the whole truth by a long shot. There is more to the relative world than its skinny legs. There is always more than meets the eye.


My God-given responsibility is to serve you in the long haul. I clearly see further developments coming down the road by and by for you that go beyond what might quell your beautiful heart right now. My foresight leaves your foresight lagging behind.





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