Becoming A Light Master





You are beings filled with light and as you learn to harness and carry this lightthe brighter your world becomes.Ask the angels to fill you with more lightfor it contains spiritual informationunderstandingpeace and clarity.It helps you to expandto see beyond what isand brings more peacelove and wisdom within you and all around you.Let your light become clearer and strongerbolder and brighter.You can do this when you are doing daily meditations.At the endfocus your attention on clearing your lightreinforcing itand shining brighter and brighter.





As you radiate more lightyou gain spiritual confidence and become a beacon for others who sense your light and they will ask you how you became so brightso peacefuland so clear about your life and your purpose and then you will know it is also time to shine your light and share your experiences with others as the Light Masters you are becoming.





Affirm: "I am a Being of Light.Each day I shine my inner light on all aspects of my life and ignite the movement I desire more rapidly."





And so it is





You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels and guides







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