There are times when good friends part ways. How can this be in the world I have given, yet this appears plentiful on Earth. This seems absurd, doesn’t it? It is not only in marriages that hearts go down different paths. Don't take asunder that which I brought together. The breaking up may have been done before you knew it, or Oneness may never have been the true story from the beginning.



Alas, there is, nevertheless, heartbreak when two paths that never fully met then depart. Even a semblance of converging meant more than you knew. Breaking up is hurtful on Earth and often more than the human heart can bear.



There must be an antidote to this, yet where? Perfect openness from the beginning may complete a true Oneness of Heart. This can happen.



Dissolution of two hearts that did not meet on firm footing is also more than the human heart can bear. Once there was hope, and now hope has flown. This is heavy-duty for lives that live on Earth.



An end even to the pretense of Oneness is tragic. A pretense of Oneness that comes apart may rip two hearts apart. You were more tightly bound together than you realized.



Even when two hearts meet only on a street corner for a short moment, parting may also be tragic. It is no easy thing for hearts to fall from grace. Grief eventually fades into the background where not a whole lot matters much to you any longer anyway.



Life certainly can be a beautiful dream, yet, unhappily, a beautiful dream may not be your experience.



Could there be a button to push? Surely, life is meant to be more than a toss-up or a put-down.



You already know that life is too short for misunderstanding, yet misunderstanding or dark knowing seem to shine in life. No matter how much joy is meant to shine in your heart, joy too often lags.



Deep within your heart, you know full well that life is meant to be full of happiness. What else would life be for? Be not attached to having to learn knowledge when it is natural to love life on Earth. The human heart may ask what kind of error is this when happiness seems to be out of reach.



Life is meant to be a treat. What happened? Did you start off on the wrong foot? In what mist has the sunshine of your life been hiding? How is it that you know grief more frequently and easily than joy? What got inverted? Have you taken signals amiss?



Gardens renew themselves each spring. Are gardens nearer to Heaven than the joy allotted to you?



Life is not meant to be suffering, yet life too often may not seem in accord with happiness. What’s the deal here anyway?



How can it be that you could miss the point of life? This seems off-track. Unless happiness follows you, when and where did you go off-track?



Without the blooming of flowers in your heart, what are you doing limping along sanshappiness? Where is the changing room for hurt hearts? How do you recover the joy that is meant to be yours? Where, oh where, did joy go? How could your heart lose itself to debris? How can unhappiness fall into place so easily and pure joy seem to lag behind? When did you forget to look forward to life? What a silly place you are wedded to when you already have experienced what it is like to be happy.








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