Beloved, I summon you. Each day I summon you to the Courtyard of Heaven from which you arose. Too often, you think of yourself as on your way to Heaven. This is true. Remember also, that from Heaven you have come. From Heaven, yes, and to Heaven you return. It is a pitfall to believe you were ever thrown out of Heaven.


Never, not in one heartbeat, were you ever thrown out. Now it is time for you to see differently. May I remind you that where I come from, there is always and forever room for you – for you who are the Light of My Heart. Inn is a metaphor, anyway. Heaven goes beyond any inn. In truth, no one rents a room in Heaven by the night or week. Heaven is your birthplace and your permanent Home – Our permanent Home of Oneness. You are definitely not an interloper in Heaven. You are a native of Heaven, for you and I are One. In Heaven I abide, and you abide in Heaven with Me as One. With Me is where you belong – nowhere else.


Heaven is Our One Abode from start to finish, although I must emphasize that Heaven has no beginning or end. What do you imagine Heaven is if not Infinity? Infinity has no openings or closings, no indeed. We don’t race around in Heaven. Heaven isn’t an occasion. Heaven isn’t hit or miss. Infinite means Infinite Stillness. Heaven is a state of forever. This is the whole story of life. Born to means what it says. We are permanently based in Heaven. Heaven is true.


It is the Earth world that is temporary. You aren't on your way to Heaven. You are already here with Me. No exceptions. You may well have lost your memory. Your memory will come back. You cannot be reinstated, for you have always lived here.


There is no new passport you require. You are signed and sealed as a permanent citizen. I vouch for you, yet Our hands are entwined, as it is. This is beyond vouching. We are One. One We are. One I AM. This is more like it.


Beloved, never were We detached. Nope, always One Inseparable Oneness. So say I.


It can only be some kind of joke to consider for one moment the possibility that I could or would disown you for even one second in a million years. No way. Once One, always One. Let go of any fictitious idea once and for all. We are not even two peas in one pod. No, Oneness is. We are, as it were, joined at the hip. Of course, We (I) are Oneness. Oneness is far beyond individuality. Individuality is more like a splinter in the eye. What I speak of now is far beyond imagination. Put away any such illusion. Enter Truth. Abandon what is not so and never has been. Truth is.


The truth is, I cannot be torn from you. I could not and would not allow it. There is Truth Alone in Heaven. Let’s get this straight once and for all.


Where I am, you are. Oneness I am, and so then are you Oneness. This is how it is, no ifs, andsor buts. Pure and simple.


Never would I deny My One Self My Utmost Joy. There is no you or I. There is I, and you are One with Me. We are One United Oneness. Anything else is less. Less is malarkey. Our Name is Truth, One Truth, so be it. God is Oneness no matter what language you happen to speak. Truth is, and that’s it, once and for all.






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