Dearest one, I Am Ash’Tar’Ka’Ree and I greet you from the Aurora, as we stand by ready to make appropriate contact with you.


亲爱的,我是 Ash’Tar’Ka’Ree ,我从奥罗拉向你问候,随着我们准备与你进行恰当的接触


For that is what awaits you now, is a more open contact in where we will make ourselves known, to those of you who are ready and willing to meet us. We know, there are many of you, that are eagerly awaiting our arrival, but know that this arrival will not be the physical landing of our ships, not yet anyway. We will begin to make contact to you through your sleep state and as we flash by in you daily lives. For we are here and we are all around you now, some of you even walk past us in the streets, fully unaware that you have just passed us by.




For we are here in great numbers now dear one.Those of you, that are being prepared for this contact, will be the ones in charge of acclimating to our presence and then going forth and preparing others, in the similar way, that you yourself, have been prepared. For all is to take shape now dear ones, the many announcements you have been waiting for are to be revealed, the truth is to be told now, all is in place, at the ready for a grand reveal, a reveal that will shock many, but let those of you, the truth seekers, warriors of what is right, the light, the love, to let out that big sigh. And so it will be for you all to step up to the plate and assist those in understanding these truths and you will finally be at ease. Your mental well being will be fully put to ease, as this will cause a release of all that you have been fighting for, it will no longer be a weight on your shoulders, as everything will be made known. So be ready now dear ones, be steadfast in the light and all will be an easy task for you.


我们有非常多的人在这里,亲爱的。你们那些为这个接触做好准备的人,会是负责适应我们的存在,然后前去帮助他人做准备的人,在与你相似的方式中去做准备。因为现在一切都在成型,亲爱的一们,你一直在等待的许多公告就要揭示,真相就要显露,一切都已到位,都为一个宏伟的揭示准备好了,一个将会震惊许多人的揭示,但会让你们那些真理探索者、正义 / / 爱的战士松一口大气。所以你们需要去开始行动,协助那些人明白这些真相,你也终于可以舒心。你的精神福祉会完全变得安逸,因为这会导致所有你一直在奋斗之物的释放,你的肩膀上不会再有重担,因为一切都会被所知。所以做好准备,亲爱的一们,在光中坚定不移,对你来说一切都会是一个轻松的任务


I am here, in this now, this moment, with you dear one, to assist you in remembering why you are here and what it is you are to do.For you and Ria share a distant connection at the moment, but know there is much to do and you will both soon understand the tasks ahead. For you are galactic cohorts of sorts. You both work together in the higher realms and have been on many missions with your team. There is much to understand dearest ones, and that is to soon help you realize, why it is, in the locations you are placed, and what you are to do. For there is an energetic connection between you that has a purpose and that purpose is to assist in the creation of the etheric grids that are now being strengthened, wave after wave of Source energy, of Galactic energy. You are assisting in creating a web of light, many of you are the anchor points for your areas and once fully activated this web of light will be magnificent to see and see it you shall. For it is time now, there is no more mucking around with the dark ones, they are to be dealt with and swiftly. They have had their time now and it is to be final, done, kaput as you say. So, fret not about what is occurring in the outer world and just know that all is well and being taken care of with Divine Justice, justice for the Earth and her peoples. Go now dear ones and anchor the focal points of light into your cities. Begin to visually do this and we will be here to assist you with this work. There is much to do, so be ready dear ones, the time is now. I Am Ash’Tar’Ka’Ree and I have been with you both for quite some time now. Say hi next time you see me!


我此时此刻就与你在一起,亲爱的,协助你忆起为什么你在这里,你要来做什么。因为你和 Ria 当前共享着一个遥远的连接,但要知道还有着许多事情要去做,你很快会明白并接收任务。因为你们都是银河军团的成员。你们都在更高的领域合作,还与你的团队进行许多的任务。有着许多需要去明白,亲爱的一们,这很快就会帮助你了解,为什么你被放置在你所在的地理位置,你要来做什么。因为你们之间有着一个能量连接,这有着一个目的,那个目的就是协助正在被加强的以太网格的建立,在一波又一波的源头能量、银河能量后被加强。你在协助建立一张光之网,你们许多人就是自己所在区域的锚定点,一旦完全激活这张光之网,它会是壮观的,你应当能够看到。因为是时候了,不会有更多黑暗存有的搅和,他们会被处理,即刻。他们有过自己辉煌的时刻,这是最终的完结,如你会说的。所以,不要对发生在外在世界的东西感到担忧,知晓,一切都好,一切都伴随着神圣的正义被照料好了,为地球和她人民的正义。亲爱的一们,前进,在你的城市锚定光的中心。开始显著地去做,我们会来协助你。有着很多事情要去做,所以做好准备,亲爱的一们,时间到了。我是 Ash’Tar’Ka’Ree ,我和你们两个人在一起有段时间了。记得下次看到我说你好




翻译:Nick Chan


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