I invite you to close your eyes for a moment and feel what will come. Feel what is in you and see the great light that shines in you. Your soul knows what is coming, for your soul is connected to what will come.




It is even the case that your soul has planned all this and you now have the opportunity to experience all of this. Exactly for that reason, you came here just to have that experience. The event is not only a cosmic event. No, it is also an individual event that grows and thrives. You yourself are the most important ingredient for what will come.




The events surrounding the event are in full swing. They increase in speed and the change in you and around you increases in speed. There’s no going back. There is only one way and it is directed forward. Events in your heart cause the reality around you to change and the events associated with it to change.




As described in the first part of this series, evolution has decided that a new beginning is necessary. With the aim of replacing and dissolving the old. This process is now becoming increasingly visible. Mentally go back a few weeks for you. Do you remember what happened a week ago? Do you remember what happened a few days ago? Most people will answer these questions with NO. It is no longer possible to access the old. The old things dissolve and have no meaning. It loses power and influence on your being.




When old structures dissolve, the memory of them dissolves. They no longer serve the development of the soul. A few years ago, we were trapped in the past and had difficulty concentrating on this here and now. Now it’s getting easier and easier to focus on this right now.




The goal is to be and remain anchored in the here and now.




Imagine the following scenario! All the events of the past dissolve and the memories vanish into the dark veils of the past. Access to it is no longer possible and soon we will no longer know why we fought or argued.




By forgetting the past, disputes and the reason for them are resolved and we have no reason to be angry with each other and we seek happiness in the here and now and build ourselves the future, which is free of wars, fear and m·anip·ulation.




Imagine you were so angry with your boss, wife or husband yesterday and can’t remember what happened the next day. So today there is no longer any reason to build your day based on your thoughts of yesterday.




That is how it will be and that is how we will shape the future, because we are allowed to free ourselves from the one who has blocked and mani·pulated us for so long. In the heart, love for oneself and one’s neighbor grows. From this we draw the strength to build what is necessary to be free. Be curious what’s coming. It will be mighty and beautiful, that’s for sure.




The cosmic messenger pigeon


宇宙使者 pigeon


 【宇宙使者 pigeon311日《事件-第二部分-在我们忘记一切的那一天》


翻译:Nick Chan




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