Grandmothers,” I asked, “how can we be of service during these tumultuous times? So many are suffering now. What can we do that will actually help them?”




Enfold them,” the Grandmothers replied. “Let your arms and hearts expand and cover them with love. Cover them all with love, every one of them. Be the calm place within the center of the storm. You bethat,” they said, pointing at me. “You will be surprised at how easy it will be for you to do this,” they smiled. “It won’t be hard at all. Try it!” they laughed. “And remember,” they said, “if not you, who will do it?


“拥抱他们”,祖母回答说。“让你的手臂和心扩张,伴随着爱包裹他们。他们每个人。成为风暴中心的平静之地。”她们指着我说。“你会惊讶于这么做会是多么地容易”,她们微笑。“这根本不难。去试试 !” 她们微笑。“记住”,她们说,“如果不是你,那谁会去做?”


Let the whole world see and experience your love. Wear it boldly and demonstrate what it’s like to be clothed entirely in love. Seeing you clothed in love will remind others of the love they also have. Your presence will reflect it back to them.




They are also love,” the Grandmothers said, “but when they get caught up in the hurry and worry of daily life, they forget. You standing in love, standing in peace and clarity will remind them that they can also tap into this state. When they see you wrapped in love it will awaken something in them.




Be the quiet place. Amidst the onslaught of trauma and drama, be the steady, quiet place. The center in the wheel of peace. You can do it and you can, because you won’t be doing it alone. Never alone! We are holding you,” the Grandmothers said. “We are breathing you, flowing in you, and flowing with you. We are present at every moment of your life. Each time you ask for us, we respond. We come whenever you call. So don’t hold back. Call us now and together we will comfort the world, holding it in deep peace. The world needs comforting now and together, we will do it.”




祖母 20180310 安抚世界

翻译:Nick Chan



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