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The FED is going to end during The Storm, and there is going to be a new cur·rency system put in place in America –gold backed again·


美联储会在风暴中完蛋,在美国会有一个新的货币系统上线 --- 黄金支持的


In order for the new system to be installed, the old system had to be neutralized and safeguards put in place.




The stock market doing its funny business a few weeks ago was just the ca·bal taking all their money out of it. This was by design and at the orders of the white hats and Trump, as they wanted to prevent the c·ab·al from having any type of influence over it




As everyone has been patiently waiting (well most of us), the white hats have been implementing the new curr·ency system, arr·esting all the corr·upt bankers (there are tons), working with countries like Ch·ina, Russia, Germany, etc, to get on board with the new currency and exchange rates, and make sure everyone is on board and ready for this. The cutting the strings of the Central Banks didnt just involve America, it involved breaking their hold EVERYWHERE, as this is truly the only way it can be done.




This HAD to be done before the ar·rests and indictm·ents and public disclo·sures began.This was not about doing it the way WE wanted, but the correct way, the way it HAD to be done, for the sake of humankind




the arr·ests of all the big names we want have to wait until the indic·tments are unsealed (due process, much less trying to avoid looking like a power abusing dic·tator)that being said, the Inspector General report will blow the lid off everything and will force the unsealing of alot of indic·tments…its coming soon


逮捕所有这些名人我们想要等等直到起诉书被开封(正当程序,更不用说试图避免看起来像是一个滥用权力的独裁者)也就是说,检察长的报告会揭发一切,会迫使许多起诉书的开封 ... 它正在到来


the white hats needed to neutralize the c·ab·al and take away their threat, before moving forward with the arre·sts, etc.




the ca·bal is neutralized.




signing a third EO was the final step. It’s an EO that makes our new cur·rency system official. It could not be signed until cab·al was neutralized, as they could’ve infiltrated it and hurt it.


签订第三个 EO 是最终的步伐。是 EO 让我们新的货币系统能够正式上线。它无法被签订除非陰谋集团被中和,因为他们会渗透和伤害它


the EO was secretly signed the night of 2/28 –morning of 3/1 *Trump tweeting and introducing IG M Horowitz, saying he is an Obama guy, and “attacking”Sessions was not random, and not without purpose


EO 秘密地在 2 28 的夜晚到 3 1 日的早晨被签订川普发了微博,介绍了 IG M Horowitz ,说他是奥巴马的人,“攻击”的会话不是随机的,没有目的的


Trump announcing he is running for re-election in 2020 (earliest a POTUS has ever done that) was also very purposeful and intentional


川普宣布他在竞选 2020 年的连任(最早的美国总统就做过)也是很有目的和蓄意的


Notice Trump the past week or so, reiterating all the stats such as trade is the best ever, unemployement low, manufacturing is high, jobless claims low, consumer confidence high, etc. –he is doing this to create confidence in our country because of what’s about to happen


留意过去一周左右川普,重申所有的数据,比如贸易,是有史以来最好的,失业率低,制造业高,申请失业金的人数低,消费者信任度高等等 --- 他这么做是要创造对自己国家的信任,因为即将要发生的


so the thing with this new curre·ncy system is that the stock market will have to crash for it to go into effect.This is very important, and if this is the only takeaway from my post, this needs to be it. The stock market is going to go down…not to 0, but probably enough to scare alot of people. This is by design, and at the discretion of the white hats, although they cant tell you this. Please please please don’t panic and freak out, this is the single greatest fear of the white hats. This is SUPPOSED to happen, and WILL happen. But it will come back up and will be fixed. It’s a necessary part of the storm, and other leaders of other countries have been briefed on this, and know to expect it, as it will happen in their countries too, not just USA.


所以关于新的货币系统,股票市场必须崩溃,为了让它生效。这非常重要,如果要说我的文章中唯一有价值的东西,就是它了。股票市场就要崩塌 ... 不会到零,但可能足以让许多人恐慌。这是被设计的,由白帽子处理,尽管他们不能告诉你这些。请请请不要恐慌,惊慌,这是白帽子唯一最大的恐惧了。这是应该发生的,将会发生。但它会恢复,被修复。这是风暴必要的一部分,其他国家的其他领袖已经对此有所了解,知道要去期待它,因为它也会在他们的国家发生,不只是美国


Also, stop worrying about the midterms lol. You think Trump doesnt have a plan? You think he went through all this trouble of saving planet Earth just to lose the midterms?! The Dem·ocratic party might not even exist in 8 months. Or it might be similar to the Na·zi Party in that people are ashamed to acknowledge they even support it. Alot is going to happen between now and then, and its more than you’ve ever seen in a history book. We might not even recognize our own country in 8 months.


还有,不用担心中间的过程。你认为川普会没有计划?你认为他经历这一切麻烦来拯救地球只为了在过程中失败?民主黨可能在 8 个月中都不会存在了。或可能类似于纳粹黨,羞于承认他们甚至都在支持它。现在起会有许多事情发生,比起你在史书中看到的还要多。在 8 个月里我们甚至都会认不出我们的国家


trust the timing of everything. There is a reason the IG report is not out yet. There is a reason it will happen exactly when it happens. Many things behind the scenes you could not possibly ever know or understand had to happen first.Neutralizing the most powerful and most rich deeply connected people in the world isn’t as easy as just arresting them.




no, Trump doesnt want to fire Mueller, or Rosenstein, or Sessions, or Horowitz, etc. Don’t fall for the meaningless breaking news traps.No Trump will not get in trouble for Rus·sia coll·usion, because he didnt col·lude with Rus·sia.


不,川普不想开除 Mueller Rosenstein Sessions 或等等。不要落入无意义的突发新闻的陷阱。不,川普不会因俄罗斯的勾结陷入麻烦,因为他没有与俄罗斯勾结。


Also important. During The Storm there will be a push to impeach Trump stronger than you’ve ever seen. It will be a blitzkrieg. He will be called Hi·tler, a dict·ator, abusing his power, wea·ponizing the DOJ, etc. Millenials will riot, NGs will intervene, you will find yourself scared for Trump and scared the truth won’t get seen, but it will. After everything calms down and clears, people will see what happened, and Trump won’t look like the bad guy. I’m just telling you this now because its coming…so expect it. Things will get worse before they get better. To reiterate: Don’t get scared that Trump will get impeached…he wont. The push will be stronger than you’ve ever seen. That is expected. Trump and white hats know it’s coming, and know how to counter. It will all play out.


同样很重要地。在风暴期间,对川普会有一个前所未有强度的弹劾。这会是一场闪电战。他会被称为希特勒,一个独裁者,滥用他的权力,武器化司法部等等。千禧世代(译注:多以自我为中心,想要高薪但不要辛苦工作等等特性的人)会暴乱, NGs 会干预,你会发现自己害怕川普,害怕真相不会被看到,但它会。在一切平静下来,变得清晰后,人们会看到发生了什么,川普不会看起来像是坏人。我现在告诉你这些因为它正在到来 ... 所以期待吧。事物在变好之前会变坏。再次重申:不要害怕川普会被弹劾 ... 他不会。强度会是前所未见的。这是被期待的。川普和白帽子知道它正在到来,知道如何应对。一切都会上演


the Demo·crats, and some R·epublica·ns, will be in full denail mode. Let them be. Don’t waste time trying to “redpill”them, or trying to “show them the truth and light”. Give them some time to process it all, and slowly make their minds up, then when they are open to talking, redpill them when they will be receptive to it. It’s not easy. People they have put their whole heart into will end up breaking their hearts and their trust. Their entire identity will be lost, as they will scramble to try and hold on to these people who legacys are getting torn apart before their very eyes. If anything, feel bad for them.They got taken advantage of by the media, and by politicians using their emotions to manipulate.




The Storm is happening this month.March is the month. It might get ugly, I mean, we might even lose facebook and stuff temporarily, I dont even know, but just remember its short lived. Things will get better, but something of this magnitude is going to be messy…its not as easy as just flicking a switch.


风暴正在这个月发生。就是这个三月。可能会变得很难看,我是说,我们可能会暂时无法使用 Facebook 等等类似的东西,我不知道,但只需记得这是暂时的。事物会好起来,但如此规模的东西将会是混乱的 ... 它不是像转个开关那样简单


one final thing. Just remember, this isnt left vs right, or red vs blue, this is America vs the outside forces trying to destroy us. The Fed has existed for 105 years, and our currency system for 150 years. The hooks have been in us for a loooong time. What is about to happen in this country, NOBODY has ever witnessed before. Even way before we were born. This IS history.


最后一件事。记住,这不是左 vs 右,或红 vs 蓝,这是美国 vs 试图摧毁我们的外部力量。美联储存在 105 年了,我们的货币系统存在 150 年了。我们身上的钩子存在太太太太太长时间了。将要在这个国家发生的,前所未见。即使在我们出生前也没见过。这是历史性的




翻译:Nick Chan







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