My dear friends, we love you so very much,




You live in a fast paced, “fast food,” instant gratification society. You push a button and something is delivered to your home. You turn on your computer or your phone and the world is at your fingertips. You want a quote now, a text response now, an order confirmation now.




In a way, your technology is starting to mirror the energetic nature of reality – You think. You create.




The only difference between the energetic nature of reality and your technology is that your earth was set up to give you a grace period in which you have to reach a clear and loving vibration before your thoughts manifest into reality. This is a blessing!




Can you imagine if every single thought you had appeared in front of you now? Some would be pretty frightening. “What if I have cancer? What if I lose my job? What if the world is blown to bits? What if someone leaves me? What If I never meet someone? I hope that person suffers for what they did to me!” Thank Goodness your thoughts don’t manifest instantly!




Of course you could choose new, and better thoughts, and instantly create a better reality. Nonetheless, can you imagine the chaos? It would be as if a child got ahold of your remote control and was constantly changing stations on your television.




You are learning to direct your thought-streams more consistently in the direction you want your lives to go. Time is a gift that allows you to evaluate your thoughts and self-correct.




How do you know if you’re creating what you want?




If you are thinking thoughts that make you feel happy, you are creating a happy reality.




If you are thinking thoughts that don’t feel good, you’re blocking a happy reality.




In either case, a happy reality is trying to happen!




You are powerful beyond measure dear ones. It is a gift that you have time to explore that power and lovingly re-direct your thoughts towards that which you wish to create.




God Bless You! We love you so very much.— The Angels




天使 20180310 时间是一份礼物

通灵:Ann Albers

翻译:Nick Chan


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