You are here now in this time and much is to change in that your reality will become one with the Divine once more. All is in readiness as the plan proceeds, the whip is being cracked at present and many are on there way to assist as turn it must and in doing so all will come into alignment. For as things slot into place much like a clock face where the top Rotates and locks into place. (old analogue face) The New Energies will anchor and put down their roots. Stimulating much new growth and healing all.


你正处于这个时刻,许多会在你现实中改变的会与神圣再次成为一。一切都准备好了,随着计划收益,鞭子已经破裂,许多人正前往协助,随着它成为必须,这么做一切都会进入对齐。因为随着事物落实到位,就像一个钟面,旋转,锁定。(旧的模拟面孔 old analogue face)新能量会锚定,扎根。刺激大量新的成长并疗愈一切


Flowers, Joy Happiness as there is much to celebrate. The Perfume is intoxicating as the rose. As a symbol of beauty, it stands though all time and is “Love” as no other could be.




Standing strong and just being “nature” is to be praised, as a sentinel in the dark. It’s connection goes back to the beginning and much knowledge is held here. Nothing can replicate or replace it’s majesty for within is held the keys that open many doors, in regards to knowledge.




As like children standing at the door partly open looking out much is to be discovered. For as you step forward into the Light your full self will be revealed. For as children learn you will also. As the understanding of a butterfly and it’s life you shall be, for do not fear as we are here to guide.




Lib·eration is ahead as the gates open, for freedom will finally be felt and understood. Your hear now because of what you posses inside. Your true essence. This shall be revealed for all to see.




Divine order as always shall prevail. All is one and one is all. For as night becomes day and day becomes night, your path is already laid out and as such, “Illumination”, will proceed. Eyes closed but being able to see and sense all this is how it shall be. Nothing hidden all shall be known. Peace it shall be, just as the dove, pure free and having no fear.




The Council gives this one and all who read this their blessing,




Many thanks The Council of Radiant light.




光之委员会 20180310 变得’自然’


翻译:Nick Chan



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