Mother God here, you are almost through the passage dearest child.Almost all the way through to the other side. Hang on for one more day as one of your favorite songs goes. The goodness is shining through you to the others and together you are making one collective step into the new dimension. For this is not exactly the fifth dimension but a way station where you can rest and absorb the relevant higher frequencies and get ready for the next leap in dimensional consciousness.




Even when you reach this way station, it will be much different than the world you are currently living in.While not the entire jump, it will be a significant improvement, a significant difference, and you will notice that the world is operating at a much higher pace, albeit a much more joyful resonance and solitude / quietude will be allowed in much greater space. More respite amongst the frantic movement as of late.


即使当你到达这个中转站,它会和你当前生活的世界很不相同。虽然不是完整的跳跃,它也会是一个显著的改进,显著的不同,你会注意到世界在更高的速率中运作,虽然是一个更加令人愉悦的共振,孤独 / 寂静会在更大的空间中被允许。疯狂的运动中会有更多的喘息,就像最近


We wish to tell you that all will be okay.Despite news coming to the contrary, know that only what is real will stay. The rest will move on and out before the great change takes place. Getting ready now –information ready to flow. Much of it will be new to you, much of it you already know. But for those that are not yet awakened the news will hit them hard. Those of you who are at the way station will need to bring them along. You will need to soften the blows by sharing what you know and you will need to be prepared for a massive amount of healing that will be needed before they can commit to the higher levels of ascension. That is where you come in. Sharing your knowledge, and your prayers and your energy –for healing the entire world is a massive undertaking. (ha ha –her spirit is laughing).


我们希望告诉你一切都会好起来。尽管新闻说的恰恰相反,知晓,只有真实的会存留。剩下的会在伟大的改变发生前消失。现在去做好准备 --- 资讯已经准备好流动。大量的资讯会对你来说是新颖的,大量的资讯会是你已经知道的。但对于那些没有醒来的人,新闻会重重地打击他们。你们那些处于中转站的人会需要带上他们。你会需要去温和“风的强度”,通过分享你所知的,你会需要为大量的疗愈做好准备,在他们可以进入扬升的更高层面前所需的。这是你需要进入的地方。分享你的知识、你的祈祷和能量 --- 因为疗愈整个世界是一个巨大的事业(哈哈,她的灵魂在笑)


But never you mind –the difficulties that exist in getting you through this will be well worth it. For never has anyone had the opportunity, the gift, of life that this is. As you are in the last stages of the labor pains, push on out into the sunshine of the new world that is waiting for you and give birth to the new dimension that is being created as we speak. Share your energy with the world.Do not hold back now.


但不用担心 --- 阻碍你的困难都会是值得的。因为从来没有一个人拥有过这样的生命机遇、礼物。因为你处于产前阵痛的最后阶段,新世界的阳光等待着你,诞生到在我们说话的同时已被创造的新维度。与世界分享你的能量。不要保留


Step up and be counted.Or sit still and weave the web of light in you and all around you. Whichever path you choose, your contribution will be well used (well put to use). Each and every member of this sacred tribe has an opportunity to share more light. Softly beaming or glaringly bright. The path you choose is the one that resonates most with you at this time. The stars are shining and add you to their light. Glow with the brightness that you are, that you feel is in need at this time. For the heavens are speaking and waiting for you to respond. When they know you are ready, the old world will be gone / behind you, and in its place, a glorious revelation full of splendor and grace.


站起来,被指望。或者静静地坐着,在你之内和周围编织光的网格。无论你选择哪条道路,你的贡献会被利用(使用)。这个神圣部落的每个成员都有机会分享更多的光。温柔地发光或者耀眼地发光。你选择的道路会是在这个时刻与你最共振的道路。星星在闪耀,把你的光添加给它。伴随着你所是的光辉发光,你感到在这个时刻所需的。因为天堂在说话并等着你回应。当他们知道你准备好了,旧世界消失 / 离去,在它的位置,一个壮丽和优雅的辉煌启示会进入



We are the Council of the Highest Elders –All Star Nations come together as one, waiting for the response from the Earthly ones.


我们是最高长老委员会 --- 所有的星际国度作为一聚集到一起,等待着来自地球人类的回应


I AM your Mother Divine and I hold you all in my arms at this most auspicious time. Wrapping you up in arms of light, with love in my heart and knowing that you are almost ready to cross the final steps of the divide. (You are in the final stages of the birth of Christ Consciousness and walking into a brand new life).




Many blessings to you.




We are holding you by the hand, so many of helpers from other lands –bringing you across the bridge of Hope into the dimensional gateway and through into the new world. Awaiting you with blessings of love and light –we are at your command –allow us to take you by the hand and lead you dearest children of light, into the way station of a brand new life.


我们牵着你的手,许多帮手从其它地方而来 --- 带你跨越希望的桥梁通过维度的门户进入新的世界。我们伴随着爱与光的祝福等待着你 --- 我们任凭你差遣 --- 让我们牵起你的手,带你,挚爱的光之子,进入全新生活的中转站



通灵:Karen Vivenzio

翻译:Nick Chan



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