Brothers and sisters, I am Sanat Kumara –You beautiful light shimmering beings.Enjoy the moment, enjoy the event, feel in and what is happening in your heart. It is big what is happening. Your beautiful blue planet is heading towards a splendid future. She will be restored to her pristine state and your love helps her. You humans have been participated in your own creation and then received Mother Earth’s full support and help. It is now your turn to help. You are now via your light lifting up Gaia to higher spheres. There are pillars of light from you down to the inside of Earth. These pillars continue further up into the Universe. You humans connect Gaia with everything that is. The separation from the Universe is over.Your lessons are learned, the knowledge has been attained and thus the goal for your arduous path.




Breathe in the love from all of us who are waiting.We are right next to you. You can all talk with us, feel the presence, the fellowship and love through your hearts. Be in the moment, be in the now, rest and enjoy. Dare to feel joy and euphoria. It is really all over now! The heavy and dense is history. Let the song, the joy, the play and dance take over and celebrate with your friends.




Celebrate the return of the light not just for this year but for ever. Through your light and your love you spread the light further. You do not need to talk, not do anything. Just by walking the Earth the message of love is spread further. “Love has wingsas it so truthfully is said.




All my love, Sanat Kumara





通灵:Kerstin Sisilla

翻译:Nick Chan



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