I am El Morya and I come for the first time to you in this context. It is an honor for me to be able to speak with you today. Earth or Gaia now has all eyes on her. It is a large event in the Universe and there are many who have come here from far and wide to follow the sequence of events that now and since some time back are taking place on Earth. Everybody is offering their help and help is to be given dear friends, enough for all and a little more. You have many guides with you and they try to make your path as easy and clear as possible.


我是El Morya,我第一次在这种情况下前来。这是我的荣耀能和你说话。现在所有的目光都放在盖亚或地球身上。这是宇宙中的一个大事件,有着许多存在从四面八方而来跟随事件发生的序列。每个人在提供自己的帮助,帮助已被给予,亲爱的朋友们,每个人都是足够的,还有点多。你有着许多的指导陪伴着你,他们试图让你的道路尽可能地简单和明晰


There are many who want to wake up and come along with Gaia now. She spreads her wings over you now to give you the courage and the support that you so much need now. These are chaotic times, but the light is shining in the tunnel and pulls you all out of there. On the other side you will enjoy love and harmony that flows to you from all directions. In the calmness of your inner self you can find some of this harmony. Imagine living in this and to let go of all worries forever. This is what you are working for now and this is what you have worked for during a long time. You have worked for bringing along all your brothers and sisters. You choose to ascend as a collective humanity and finish together with Gaia who also has chosen to ascend into higher dimensions and join with her original family. You will all be joining with your original families and the joy is great in the Universe. You have lived in many places in the Universe and you have many friends all over Cosmos. It will be wonderful for you to get to meet all your near and dear again.




Things are now being prepared for your arrival. Different preparations are ongoing Everything from our arrival to your arrival and everything is individually crafted for you depending on where in the awakening process you find yourself. Everybody will receive the help they need and wishes to receive. Your inner voice and your soul have the last word and your wish is our law. Everybody who wants to ascend with Gaia still have the possibility to do so and they receive the help they need on this side and the other side. Do not think too much about this. Try instead to feel good where you are and listen a little extra to what your heart and your body want to tell you. Follow what feels right for you even if it does not fit with what others say and do. Nobody has the same journey. It is not possible to compare with each other. You have chosen your own journey and those who interact with you have chosen their journey, which in some ways will help them on their path, just as they help you on your path. It is the whole time a puzzle with many pieces, which eventually becomes a whole picture. The image of you has started to appear at the horizon and you start to understand whom you are and where you are going. It is an exciting journey. So, take good care of each other. You are all the time each others teachers and have chosen each other for this purpose to simply learn and understand your selves better at a deeper level in the heavy density you live in.




The Universe has opened up its origin for you, the universal wisdom and love that can be found in its origin. Receive this dear children on Earth it surrounds you now. You just need to open up your heart and take in all that is given to you now. It is a wondrous time to be living in, a mix of old and new, a mix of wisdom and ignorance, a mix of darkness and light. Thankfully the light has taken more and more hold on Gaia and she sails higher and higher up in her manifestation of love and wisdom. You are coming along dear children on Earth and you receive all the help you need now. Ask for help dear children. There are thousands who are ready to help with whatever it is you ask for.




I can feel an enormous love from all sides where I stand now from both Gaia and from all the beings around her and it makes me very humble and loving. I forward all this love to you, our brave warriors on Earth.




Your humble servant,




El Morya


El Morya


通灵:Ann Dahlberg

翻译:Nick Chan





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