原创 2018-02-24 佛陀 新纪元扬升之光

Channeled by Genoveva Coyle




Areyou willing to receive that which you have been preparing and working on forquite some time?



Greetings dearest ones! I am Lord Buddha and it is with love andexcitement that I am coming here to address thee this day. It is a pleasure tocome and assist you with this process of effortless creating that you areso eager to move into.



Yes,effortless is the name of the game, effortless is how love works, and it iswith great joy that all is intended to flow to thee when you are willing toreceive the same and more. And so, are you ready? Are you willing to receivethat which you have been preparing and working on for quite some time?



This is whywe are saying to thee that you need to love your sweet selves first before youcan truly love others. This is why we are reiterating that you need to give toyourselves first, whether that be love, or nourishment and healing, oreducation and money, and you can add to this list everything that you wouldlike to share and give to others. But before you can adequately be the onesthat give unconditionally, you need to give all to yourselves first so that younever need recognition or reward for your giving.



You see,when you give to yourselves first you feel that you have more than enough, youfeel connected fully with the Source of abundance and love. You then let go ofyour fears and of the scarcity mind set and you expect nothing from others asyou have no needs of any kind, and thus no conditions are imposed on others.



The joy andthe love that is seen at the receiver’s side is such a nourishment to your soulthat you would want to find more ways to give and spread your love and talents.But it has to start within and it has to be joy that you give to yourselvesfirst; then everything else will flow out from you without reservation, withoutresentment, and without fear of being depleted.



You canallow the love and the light energy of the Mother/Father/One to flow throughyou and send it to everyone out there. You can send it as a thought of purelove, or you can attach an intent to it, such as wishes for the healing andwell-being of the ones that are to receive it, or as peace, harmony, clarityand inspiration for them all. Or you could form a construction of light andmold the particles of love into so many beautiful shapes and forms. You cancreate visible and palpable gifts and surprises for your loved ones, for yourfamily, friends, and for humanity in general. You can create simple worlds orcomplex universes and galaxies just as easily. You are indeed as creative andpowerful as that. You are the creators and you are the sun and the center ofthe world that nourishes and warms up the hearts of all.



Will youtake my hand now and start this fascinating part of your wonderful journey?Let’s proceed and let’s enjoy this journey at last, just the way it was meantto be!



I willleave you now with my love and peace! Farewell.





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