It's such a brief life only doing what youtruly care for. Will your life become worthwhile? Well, people can invent meanings,philosophies, and ideologies to bring some sense to the context of their life. Butit's important that your life does not become just a psychological conveniencethat you create something in your mind and make it worthwhile, either in theform of relationships or love, or ideologies, or beliefs that you have. It'simportant that you grow roots deep into the process of life. For this tohappen, you need involvement.



If genuine involvement has to come in yourlife for you to give yourself absolutely, you must be doing something that trulytruly majesty. It's important that you find that. When I say it's important tofind that, you don't have to spend half your life looking for what is my passion.No. You just have to dig into this ability of you making everything yours. Wheneverything is yours, this whole world is yours. This cosmo is yours. It'sactually yours. Who's denying it? There's enough science to tell you it is apart of you. So when it is a part of you, if you involve yourself absolutely, andconstantly strive to create what matters to you, what you really care for, thenyour existence itself will be worthwhile, not necessarily your actions, notnecessarily what you achieve and may not achieve, but your very existence wouldbe truly worthwhile. Because just to breathe and be is a phenomenon. But thereis no greater phenomenon in life. If this is not worthwhile, if this’s notworthwhile, what is?







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