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Today we will discuss something a little different than usual. We would like to focus your attention upon the existence of what many believe to be mythical creatures.   We will share with you our perspective on these beings regarding their existence upon your world. Please know that there are in fact many species that exist upon your world which your scientists have yet to acknowledge. Some collectives are not ready to be discovered at this time as it would prove to be harmful to their existence. Only when the human collective is ready to recognize the divinity within every being will these populations become known to you.




We will begin by asking you a question first. What makes something a myth? To this many would respond, that a myth is simply something that cannot be proven, has not been accepted as real and exists only in fairy tales and stories. Now although there has been human contact with some of these beings, they certainly have not been accepted as being real on a wide scale amongst the human collective at this time.




We intend to share with you our perspective on each of these beings. We have been asked Are these beings real? To this we reply, they are just as real as you are. In some cases, it actually is you who are the mythical creatures to their collective.




We will begin with the Mermaids and Mermen upon your world. Yes, there are in fact many mermaids in your oceans and seas upon your world. They often go undetected as they are fearful of humans at this time. They are quite social, and live in communities deep within your oceans. They do look a bit similar to your mythical depictions of them in that they resemble the torso and upper body of a human, and the bottom of a fish. The tale is similar to the tale of a dolphin in that it contains cartilage as well as muscle which is covered in a smooth thick layer of skin. They do not have the exact faces of a human, rather you would perceive their faces as strange as they do not have a nose. They have gills instead of lungs and as a result they do not have a nose on their face for breathing air. There have been humans who have encountered populations of mermaids; however this is often discounted as being a myth when others have told of the encounters.