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 Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 23 June 2017






Events on Earth are gathering pace as uncleared karma isworking itself out, and as you are experiencing it would seem to getting worse.Please bear in mind that only those who need to clear karmic debts are directlyinvolved, and it includes those who are often viewed as innocent bystanders. Asunlikely as it seems to many of you, all souls involved are able to clear oldkarma, as they will want to start the new cycle with as little outstanding aspossible. Always bear in mind that they have pre-agreements prior toincarnating, so nothing that happens is by chance or accidental.



However, some souls may be caught up in events that leavethem with an experience that was unplanned, and that will in a manner ofspeaking be held as a credit for them. In other words it may result in a rewardof some description. It is natural that you feel great sympathy with all soulscaught up in karmic situations, as you can obviously feel the grief and sorrowexperienced. If possible send them your love and healing energies to help theirrecovery. Very soon matters on Earth will greatly improve as the positiveenergies of change take hold, so your experiences will become more acceptableand less upsetting.



Never lose sight of the fact that you live in a freewillsociety and it is the reason that events are sometimes unpredictable.Nevertheless, where actions are being considered that can lead to turmoil andare not due to karmic reasons, Higher Beings will do their best to influencethe outcome without over-riding your freewill. However, it has been verydifficult to guide you and keep you on a path that lifts you up out of thelower vibrations. The last three cycles of Humanity have sadly ended infailure, although it would be true to say that your experiences have enabledmany souls to lift up their vibrations, whilst others have slipped back. So itis with complete joy and happiness we know that your present cycle has reachedthe point where Ascension is assured for many, many souls. Souls of Light havehelped create the pathway to it, whilst another one is active that takes soulsto a new Earth where they will continue their evolution. Again I assure youthat you that if you so desire, you will always have a link with souls wherethere is any kind of a love bond. In the higher vibrations time is notexperienced in the same way as on Earth, and passes so quickly you soon realisethat All is in the Now. It may sound so different to what you have been used toon Earth, but realise that you have probably spent more time in the higherrealms than on it.



Many souls askwhat is life all about and what is the purpose, and the immediate answer isexperience. You are gradually returning to the higher vibrations and willultimately become a Galactic Being, although it is quite a way off at present.Your immediate aim to rise above the dual energies of Earth is most importantand well worth every effort or sacrifice you make. There are no short cuts andevery soul has the same opportunities to ascend by rising above the negativeenergies of Earth. It is a hard challenge when you are surrounded by people wholive a “normal” life lacking in real understanding.



You so to say, have to insulate yourself against thenegativity, by for example keeping your aura intact and in place at all times.This is achieved by your power of thought that is in fact much more powerfulthan you imagine. In your mind’s eye see your aura like a cocoon around you,and providing it is not damaged you are protected. Assuming you know yourprominent colour, use it and see it as pure, bright and unblemished. Negativesouls most likely have dark and murky colours that lack the light. The energiesare felt by other people and are partly responsible for a feeling of eitherlove or repulsion in some of the more extreme cases. This partly explains whyyou feel more at ease and relaxed with some people and not others. It meansthat you will be instinctively drawn to some people as opposed to others.



You have probably read that the Earth provides moreopportunities to evolve than anywhere else, because you are likely to facechallenges every day of your life. Those of the main importance will obviouslystand out, as they are not merely trivial. So be careful how you handleyourself and treat all others as you would be treated. This way you will not gofar wrong, and be generous if possible with your time and assistance.Consequently good karma is created and collected by you, and it is very muchlike your saying “one good turn deserves another” Where you work for rewardthat is clearly different, but if the intent is to be helpful it becomes morepositive. It comes down to being helpful where you can, and even a few kindwords can sometimes lift a person up.



Since you cannot know why a particular soul has chosen acertain type of life, it follows that all should respect each other for thatreason. The world is a place that holds many different beliefs and customs sothese should be understood for what they can do for a soul’s evolution. Eachhas teachings that try to make god-like people, but in some cases have becomedistorted, negative and self-promoting. Basically religion is a disciplinedteaching that demands obeyance and focusses on love and prayer. However, it wasnever meant to separate people from each other or cause the many historicalwars that have resulted. Things will change as peoples understanding grows andthey cease to be so reliant on organised religion.



Remember that you are immortal and you have all the time inthe world or beyond, so do not be concerned if you feel that you have not donewhat you would have liked to have done. Sometimes your life plan focusses onsome particular aspect of living that you need more experience with. So beassured a life is never wasted no matter what type of situation you findyourselves in, and of course your Guides will be working with you at all times.They have your best interests at heart and know what challenges you were setbefore you incarnated. However, with your freewill you can also follow your owninterests and are given many opportunities to enjoy yourself, but not of courseat the expense of others. Sports and simiIarpastimes teach you how to be considerate and play fair.



The future is not so far away from bringing out the longawaited changes, and know that the people involved are not idle and continue tomake plans for it. The issue is still finding a time when it is safe to goopenly ahead. However, slowly but surely the news gets out and goes around, sopeople can be prepared.



The days are getting nearer when you will be able to freelytalk about the truth regarding your immortality, and religion will be revisedto include the new truths that are to be revealed. It will be so because manysouls will prefer to follow their beliefs for the time being.



This message comes through my Higher Self and carries theenergies of Light and Love.



Mike Quinsey.




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