Greetings dear brothers and sisters! Greetings! I AM your brother, Jesus Sananda, I am your family and friend.




I come today to greet thee. I come today to sit with thee around that bright heart’s fire, bright and white and pure, peaceful and light. I come to share with thee stories of my own from my travels on this beautiful planet Earth.




I do understand how difficult it is to navigate through your world, for I have been there and I know! And so, I want to remind you to have compassion and to bring forgiveness to your sweet selves, for some of the challenges you are facing are not as easy as they are saying. There are times when you become caught in the game of life, getting busy, busy, busy. And then you get entangled in the low vibrational world, wanting to provide for your families in the old-fashioned ways, therefore becoming physically and mentally fatigued. And this is when you lose track of thoughts that you allow to come into your awareness, this is when you can allow fear and doubt to come in and then act upon them, projecting these negative energies onto yourselves and others.




Forgiveness of one’s self is needed at all times dear hearts. And this is why I am here…to remind you that it is not about how many “mistakes” you make, it is not about judging yourselves and others as being on the wrong side of the spectrum, it is about loving yourselves enough to forgive thee when you fail to live up to your highest expectations. It is better to let go of any expectations of how you would have to act in any given situation.




Understand that your missions are complex and interwoven, with many more out there. And there are times when you are allowed to be out of sync… to place a more neutral label on the human world of reacting in the old-fashioned way. Being the ascended self requires lots of awareness to overcome the previously conditioned ways of behaving and responding.




Forgive yourselves, give your sweet selves unconditional love, and then sit with the so-perceived mistake and ponder upon it. Call on me to assist you in going deeper and deeper into understanding the purpose of a particularly challenging situation.




Let’s both sit in your heart’s sanctuary and altar while you allow me to show you how beautifully you are working in a multidimensional manner, affecting many realities and timelines in a major and positive way. For it is the intent and the choice you make in every moment to be in your divine purpose, to be in service to the Mother, and to fulfill Her Dream that matters. And that is what is driving and guiding you always. You are doing magnificently well my brothers and sisters!




I will leave you now, though I am always with you! Stay in peace, stay with my love! Farewell!





通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan






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