This is a golden moment in time...


There is so much that is changing so quicklyit is sometimes hard to keep up. Humans are awakening so quickly nowthe planet is awakening and transforming to the point that is sometimes peaceful and comfortingand at other times volatile and frigh`teningand it is our hope that you begin to see this as a dynamic and exciting timeas it truly signifies that the shift is happening. This can be a time of greatness in your life. The shift is changing consciousness to that of 'power with' not 'power over'and the old guard does not always go away quietly.


Your guidance is to remember that you are connected to the Divine. The more you know thisthe more you realize that you are the Divinethe more you behave in Divine ways. Keep your vision alive! It is time to strike the balance between selflessnessand the self-actualized self who is operating out of lovenot out of desire to seek greatness outside of you. This is an inner journey of self-discovery and it takes great courage indeed!


Allow yourself to rise! Allow yourself to be Golden! You have everything that you need to excelso set your sights high and aim for the infinite. You are always connected to the Divine and you are the Divine itself as a human exp`ression and are worthy of great things.


And so it is


You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels and guides






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