Most of you know someone who is only comfortable in giving and will not accept help even if it is readily available to them. This is usually indicative of someone who has a service contract combined with worthiness issues, or is still carrying the martyred service paradigm (they think their goodness can only be known by giving and not receiving).


They wish to give to honour their soul’s desire to be of service but do not like to receive because they feel they will be rejected, owe someone, or in some way be negatively impacted by receiving. This will always lead to exhaustion because it is an out of balance model that is unsustainable.


If you not allowing the flow to serve you, don’t trust the universe to deliver what you need, or aren’t willing to receive the gifts that are already in place for you, you are, in effect, doing the exact same thing.


Dear Ones, there are vast supports available to you. Open up and allow yourselves to be moved into the full experience of the love and support that exists for you. Imagine how much it would hurt you if no one would accept your love or support!


By being willing to receive, you allow others including your guides, helpers, and an entire universe, the joy of unconditionally loving and serving you. When you fully embrace the flow of both giving and receiving, so much more becomes possible for everyone involved. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young













翻译:Nick Chan






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