Solstice events do you the service of locking in your energetic progress. It is a save point, if you will, of the growth, integration, and expansion you have attained since your last solstice event.


One of the most major themes you have been working on is the profound shift from doing to being. We have spoken about the fact that it can take some time to get used to operating beyond the old energetic structures you have now evolved beyond.


What a save point means is that even though you may feel you would like to go back to the old ways of doing for the comfort of structure, you will find it will not work. It will not serve you like it did before. It will become uncomfortable for you very quickly, and you will not be able to stay in those old structures for any amount of time.


The new structure you seek to express your freedom and move into your highest life expression is the surrender, faith, flow, trust model of the Divine Combination. There are still structures available for you, but the new ones are sustainable and supportive in the new energies. They are how you will continue to grow and thrive and create into the new.


The Divine Combination is a fluid structure of flow and creation. Your solstice is an energetic celebration of your latest level of attainment. The two together are absolute magic. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young













翻译:Nick Chan




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