Dear children of light. In a few days of your earth time, there will be a grand event occurring in the sky above your GAIA. The alignment of the planets are going to allow for the sun to increase its energies to be released and sent down to earth, form the cosmos, from the source, from the Andromeda, and from all that is, in order to improve all of your lives further still.




The event that we are referring to is that which you call SUMMER SOLSTICE – And this time it is all about LOVE. Yes indeed dear children of light, having completed one cycle you are now able to breathe easier.




Love … eternal, unconditional and pure love of the cosmic rays is going to bask and caress the planet and each and every single one of you on planet earth in the powerful violet light. Love and in its purest form will fill your hearts and allow for much needed cleansing and release for each one of you.




Dear children of light, all that has and will be cleansed from your system will allow to be wide open to new phenomena that will occur within your being. Most of you are going to experience heightened sensations when it comes to your romantic love, to the love between parents, and friends and siblings, etc. But mostly it is going to be a focus on the romantic type of love that you understand it to be in your earthly world.




Those that have not yet met their other half will begin to feel a stirring emotions inside them, a longing , to go somewhere new where they have never been before. There they will begin to experience various meetings that will eventually lead them to their soul mate, the soul mate that they have indeed been waiting for. Oh yes dear children of light , you are now entering a new phase; the phase of love. Now is the time to be joyous, playful, excited and experience the state of being in love, to love and be loved by one and all.




Love is the key theme of this summer solstice. Dear children that most of the effect will be of a personal nature. Yet the world is going to be affected by all of you and so it is mightily important, to remember to share the love that fills your heart and soul with the rest of humanity. Yes when you are going to experience the love, any type of love, you are going to radiate love and be love, your vibrations will then uplift those around you. Consciously send love to them.




Many of you will also be meeting your TWIN FLAMES. Yes this is the time of twin flame reunions dear children. You have completed an incredible cycle and you have worked hard to cleanse yourselves, and to allow the new energies to enter you being., Those of you who are indeed ready are going to meet their twin flames and their soul mates, their soul families, and their soul groups.




On a Global Scale On a global scale you will see more and more coming up for healing and transmutation.. Finally humans are going to begin to realize that they are all the same, the ones that are fighting for their freedom and the ones that are trying to keep the freedom from them, are really all on the same team, and so, with the new love energies that are going to flood the planet with a violet ray of the sun, many are going to awaken to the idea that they are not to fight, but to understand, be patient with each other and allow each other the freedom that they all want to have, much is going to take place on that day and weeks following the solstice.




Bare in mind dear children of light, your thoughts are manifesting very fast into your reality at the present moment in time, and so we ask that all of your thoughts are to remain of a positive, nurturing, caring nature only.




That is not to say that there aren’t going to be an cataclysmic events, on the contrary., love will allow the fear in each and every soul to recede, it will allow the trigger of fear to be pushed back into its place. But how each soul is going to handle this newfound love in their heart and freedom from fear varies greatly.




The energies of the Summer Solstice will support your freedom, the energies will support you stepping out of the box of the illusionary, but it is up to each an everyone of you to either walk towards the light with confidence or shrink back in fear and close off to love.




GROUP MEDITATION INFORMATION – Message to those that will be in meditation on June 20th/21st :




When you are ready to begin your Solstice group meditation, we ask that you gather in a circle of light and spread your vibrations throughout the circle by holding hands. Envision that in the middle of your circle of friends there is a pillar of light and all of you are lighting up that pillar of light with your intention.




Once the pillar is lit up, you are to envision that it is burning from within and from without while sending energy into the depths of the Gaia and into the cosmos, enveloping the whole earth and each and every conscious being that resides on your planet at this very moment.




Send your love and light to the places that need it most, send your love and light to the people that need it most. Those that are angry, those that are still sleeping, those that do not understand, send them all the love that you can possibly feel and envision in your mionds eye.





All in all you are to expect a wonderous summer dear children of the light, a wondrous time indeed , the Aquarian age has indeed began, a new age is upon you, much has been done by the workers of light and now it is time for all of you to bask in the love frequencies of the cosmic rays of the sun. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.





通灵:Anna Merkaba

翻译:Nick Chan






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