As the coronavirus continues to spread globally and the number of consequential deaths reported increases daily there is much fear and anxiety being experienced. However, although it is proving to be extremely virulent in a very small percentage of cases, for most people who actually become infected the illness will be experienced with only minor unpleasant effects. So do not dwell on the endless flow of alarming outcomes that many are suggesting may occur. Doing that weakens your own energy field which is then unable to provide for your immune system as effectively as it normally does. Let go of fear and anxiety and allow Love to empower you during this period of uncertainty, as It will if you surrender to It. You are all precisely where you are meant to be at this point in the collective awakening process, so do not try to second-guess any irreversible choices you may have already made to help you to deal with what is arising for you now.


I would like to reiterate that humanity’s collective awakening is proceeding perfectly as divinely planned, it will not be delayed or diverted, and your awakening is assured. The intent that so many are setting daily, to be only loving whatever arises, is massively effective, and it is why those making it are on Earth at this time. Everyone presently incarnate, and there are no exceptions, set that loving intent before incarnating. But, and this was also fully understood, because of the spiritual amnesia that affects all who incarnate into form, and which is a major part of becoming human, it was realized that many would forget not only that they had set that intent prior to incarnating, but that they would also forget that they were spiritual beings who had come into form to assist with the awakening process. Consequently the numbers who have incarnated to assist in humanity’s awakening are far in excess of the numbers that might have appeared to be necessary – in fact there is a very large inbuilt redundancy factor to ensure that the divine plan flows perfectly, just as Father/Mother/God intends.

我想要重申,人类集体的觉醒在如神圣计划般地完美进行,它不会被延误或转移,你们的觉醒是被确保的。许多人每天都在设置的意图,只成为爱无论发生什么,是极其有效的,所以那些这么做的人此刻处于地球上。每个当前化身的人,无一例外,在化身前就设置了这个爱的意图。但,这也被完全理解,因为精神遗忘影响所有化身的人,是成为人重要的一部分,许多人不仅会忘记他们在化身前设置了那个意图,他们还会忘记他们是精神存在,进入形态来协助觉醒进程。因此,化身来协助人类觉醒的人数远远超出看上去所需的 --- 事实上,有着一个非常巨大的内置因素来确保神圣计划完美运行,就像父亲 / 母亲 / 神意图般

As many channeled messages have informed you, enormous changes all across the world are an absolutely essential part of the awakening process. Changes in attitudes and behaviors towards one another are occurring – whether between family members or between people of different ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic group, political or religious persuasion, and other disparate and seemingly unrelated groups – as Love starts to replace fear as the intent and expectation when people meet. Changes in how you come together to meet, either physically or remotely – a method that is very new and that offers enormous possibilities that will lead to a great reduction in the burning of fossil fuels. Changes in agricultural and industrial methods of food production. Changes in diet as people choose to eat more mindfully and healthily. And, of course, major changes in global economic practices and policies.

就像许多传导的信息所告知你的,世界各地巨大的改变是觉醒进程绝对必要的一部分。对另一个人的态度和行为的改变正在发生 --- 无论是家人之间还是不同种族、文化、社会经济、政治、宗教以及其它不同的不相干的团体之间 --- 随着爱开始替代恐惧,作为人们会面时的意图和期望。你们如何会面的改变,身体上或远程上 --- 一个非常新颖,提供了巨大可能性的方式,会导致化石燃料的燃烧大大地减少。农业和工业的食物生产方式的改变。饮食的改变,随着人们选择更加谨慎和健康地吃。当然,还有全球经济和政策的重大改变

With, and as a result of, the present ongoing pandemic, many of the changes that are needed are now being put into effect, and are clearly visible to all because of the almost constant reportage on the mainstream media. Quite a number of the more highly publicized ones, supposedly being introduced to protect you from one another, are not perhaps what they seem and will need to be reversed. Others are essential, and have, until now, been put off and delayed due to lack of motivation, because those in positions who have the power and authority to implement them have been focusing on what to them seemed to be more important issues. One could say that their hands were forced, and rightfully so. Therefore make a point of seeking out news of uplifting changes that are being put into effect by many loving people, people who are fully aware of the need for many of these major changes, and who are taking the initiative by putting them into effect, and then share this news with friends and loved ones, and on social media – a communication format that can be put to very good use in these unusual times.

因此,出于当前流行的瘟疫,许多所需的改变正被实施,所有人都能清楚地看到,出于主流媒体上几乎恒常的报告。许多出镜率很高的人,说是来保护你的,也许不是他们看上去的那样,会需要反着看。其他人,直到现在,被拖延和推迟,出于动机的缺乏,因为那些处于權力位置的人,让他们专注于在他们看来更加重要的问题。你可以说他们的手被强迫。因此,去寻找由许多有爱的人执行的振奋人心的改变新闻 --- 完全清楚需要这些重大改变的人,通过执行它们来采取主动权的人 --- 然后把这个新闻分享给朋友和心爱的人,以及分享到社交媒体上 --- 一个可以在这些不寻常的时期被善用的通信格式

The changes are all about LOVE! Moving from fear to Love is what your awakening process is all about, and the illusory game that has been ongoing for eons, and in which humanity has been engaged, relies on fear for its rules and guidelines. When fear is enormously reduced, as is happening now,the desire and motivation to play the game will lose the appeal that has enabled it to be endemic – an ongoing pandemic – as people start rapidly healing from fear and ever more fully start to engage with their true nature, which is, of course, LOVE.


As so many messages have been telling you recently: “Now is the time to celebrate! Celebration is powered by Love, and Love dissolves fear.” Take that message to heart and do celebrate.


So while to a large extent your ‘normal’ daily lives have been badly disrupted, you now have the time and the opportunity to focus on uncovering within yourselves the real purpose of your lives in form. That purpose has always been within you, but hidden or forgotten, awaiting your focused attention. It is different for each one of you because you are each unique divine creations, Beings of Love, and therefore whatever your individual purpose may be it is always in complete alignment with Love. Each one of you – even those you see as your worst enemies – are at heart, at the very center of their being, beings of Love. You are Love and you desire only to be loved. How could you desire anything else when Love is your nature?

虽然很大程度上你的“正常”生活被大大破坏,你现在有时间和机会去专注于向内挖掘你人生真正的目标。这个目标总是在你之内,但被隐藏或遗忘,等待着你的专注。每个人都是不一样的,因为你们每个人都是独特神圣的造物,爱的存在,因此无论你的个人目标是什么,它总是与爱完全对齐。你们每个人 --- 即使那些你视为最大的敌人之人 --- 在心中,存在的核心,都是爱的存在。你是爱,你只渴望被爱。当爱是你的本质,你又怎么会渴望别的东西?

By celebrating you are honoring your true desires, and also the desires of all of humanity. Everyone loves to celebrate, therefore celebrate the amazing effectiveness of your awakening process, and give thanks to God, your divine Mother and Father, who created each and everyone of you for eternal joy, and who planned and designed the perfect awakening process for you all.


Within the game, the illusion, over the eons, many in form have acted in extremely unloving ways that have caused immense pain and suffering to others, and that is still the case today. However, there are none among you who have not at some time, during some lifetime(s) engaged in similar unloving practices and behaviors. And the reason for this, and it applies to everyone without exception, is because you did not know what you were doing! You had forgotten who you were, you believed that you were abandoned, lost, worthless, and unloved, and so you reacted by distrusting, fearing, and attacking others, who, needless to say, reacted in the same way, leading to the state of division, distrust, and dislike that has overwhelmed you all at times, from individuals to nations, and encouraged an intense need to see yourselves as righteously defending yourselves against myriad others who are undoubtedly wrong and who present a great and ever-present threat to your well-being.


The insanity of these kinds of beliefs is now becoming crystal clear, as your loving natures start to make themselves known to you by arising into your consciousness, bringing to your awareness the divine Truth that there is only Love, that anything that is not in alignment with Love is unreal, untrue, and unlivable. Love is the power that supports you in every moment, It is the You that is One with Source, eternally and inseparably. This ‘new’ awareness – new in so far as it is only now arising into your conscious minds, having been cloaked or veiled for eons – is changing everything. Therefore I call on you to go within now, to your holy inner sanctuaries, and give thanks to Mother/Father/God whose Love for you – for everyone who has ever experienced life in form, who is experiencing life in form, and for every conscious being ever created – is boundless. Then CELEBRATE! You are divine beings awakening from the dream.

这些信念的疯狂正变得显而易见,随着你有爱的本质开始让你所知,通过上升到你的意识中,把只有爱、任何不与爱对齐的都是虚幻的、虚假的、不适宜的神圣真理带到你的意识中。爱是时时刻刻支持着你的力量,你与源头合一,永远,不可分割。这个“新的”意识 --- 新的,因为只在现在上升到你的意识头脑中,恒久以来被隐藏或掩饰 --- 正在改变一切。因此我现在呼唤你去进入内在,你的圣殿,感谢爱着你的母亲 / 父亲 / --- 爱着每一个体验形态生命的人,爱着每一个被创造的有意识的众生 --- 这个爱是无限制的。然后庆祝!你是神圣的存在,正在从梦中苏醒

With so very much love, Saul.




通灵:John Smallman

翻译:Nick Chan


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