祝贺你 !


You made history this evening in the largest mass global meditation ever conducted on this planet!


今晚你创造了历史 在这个星球上有史以来最大规模的全球冥想!


A critical mass of global consciousness cohesion was achieved this evening as light beings all across the planet came into one mind and one accord to manifest the new earth!




Preliminary data from the earth alliance estimates that over 1 billion starseeds participated in this incredible global mass meditation!


来自地球联盟的初步数据估计,超过 10 亿颗星球种子参与了,这个令人难以置信的全球大规模冥想!


Light beings all across the world report experiencing an intense dimensional shift just after 11pm est,during the meditation!


全世界的光存有都报告说,在美国东部时间晚上 11 点之后,在冥想期间,经历了一次强烈的空间转变!


The schumann resonance is a direct reflection of consciousness levels around the earth and right on point,energy levels began rising right after the meditation began!


舒曼共振是地球周围意识水平的直接反映,在正确的点上,能量水平在冥想开始后就开始上升 !


A powerful burst of 40-hertz,5d light was imprinted on the graph during peak meditation time,and the wave is still going after midnight,est!


在冥想的高峰期间,一个 40 赫兹, 5d 的强大爆发光印在图形上,而且波仍然在午夜之后,东部时间!

(如釋說----2020/4/6 P5:15,截取自:http://sosrff.tsu.ru/?page_id=7)


What are the after affects of all of this?


所有这一切的后果是什么 ?


Everything on earth will change even more now,in a positive way,and major news will begin showing up across the planet in the coming hours and days that will reflect this paradigm shift in global consciousness!




Incredible work!


令人难以置信的工作 !


It has always been known that the system busters and


Renegades of light would end up saving the world after all!




Now you see how powerful you truly are!




Together we are creating a beautiful new world of light for all of humanity!




As the earth alliance assembles all the data,let us know about your meditation experience during this great time!




Stay tuned for a major earth alliance update sunday evening with all the details!






一路顺风 !


Michael 💜






 資料來源: https://www.pfcchina.org/zhuixindongtai/37323.html




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