Jennifer: Ashian, what do you have to say at these times?

Jennifer:Ashian ,你有什么话想说?

Ashian: My dearest Jennifer and those who read these words and sense this energy instreaming, I offer you first my thanks, the thanks of the millions of unseen who are in awe of the remarkable fortitude that all of you of the light are showing in this situation.

Ashian: 我挚爱的 Jennifer 和所有阅读这些话语以及感到这个能量涌入的人,我先提供你我的感谢,成千上万不可见之人的感谢,我们都敬畏你们所有从属于光的人在这个情况中展现出的非凡毅力

As you know, the worst is soon to explode. It will be the darkest hour, but you will not be alone. We are with you, we are shadowing you in every step of the way.


Consider it like this, each being who achieves a specific frequency of light is provided with a ‘team’, this unseen team works energetically with you as you go through your day, amplifying your energy.


Your team is composed of angelic beings, as you consider angels, wise elders and galactics. These personal teams are now in place and supporting all of you, our light workers. We are amplifying your light, we are extending your healing energies, we are intensifying the potency of the healing, compassion and forgiveness that you express, both consciously and unconsciously.


Not one of you are alone. Not a single one of you.



Those who are about to go through the greatest and most unbelievable of shocks, they too are accompanied, they are offered comfort and healing. Rather like those who are in the intensive care unit in a hospital they will be nurtured ad loved back to health.


We have never been more ‘with you’ than we are now. We have all planned meticulously for this moment, for all that transpires, and although the outcome is certain, the various trajectories are several, and will only condense as the situation plays itself out.


Remember to call on us, your team, whenever you feel that you are flagging. We will lift you up.


You are our physical conduits, our boots on the ground, so your high frequency is our priority, and we ask that you make it your priority too.


When you feel yourself flag, retreat, and self-nurture; let us nurture you, and then, when you feel whole again, you are ready to resume what you were doing.


We love you and we are so intently with you all now; the teams have been formed, the work is beginning, and together, we will manifest the prophecy of heaven on earth.




通灵:Jennifer Crokaert

翻译:Nick Chan



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