原创 2018-04-06 Mothers 新纪元扬升之光

Message from the Mothers for April 5,2018




We Mothers of love and inspiration, wish to speak tonight tohumanity, the changing ones. For all is unfolding at an unprecedented rate oflight, of love and of great velocity of change and of new beginnings. For thelight is all around you, penetrating in every cavern and remembered pain. Allowthe Christed light of unending love to permeate you, and heal you, children.Accept this heaven’s gift with great joy and open hearts and allow it deepwithin the most painful and forgotten places of you, and accept your healing.For it is your birthright.

我们是爱与灵的母亲,希望今晚能与人类讲话 ---- 转变中的人们。因为所有的一切正在以前所未有的光、爱、快速转变和新的开端而展开。光正围绕你,贯穿所有记忆深处的伤痛。让无尽之爱的基督之光渗透你,疗愈你,孩子们。以极大的喜悦和开放的心接受这个天堂的礼物,让它深入你最痛苦和遗忘了的角落,接受你的这个疗愈。因为这是你与生俱来的权利。


Greetings children, it is I, your Mother Mary and I surroundeach of you with honey love and pink roses of bliss and delight and of thedeepest comforting embrace. For you have carried your pain for far too long -long enough, don’t you think? Shall we release it together and set it at thefeet of the master and move ahead, onward and upward into your great unfolding?This is ascension. The small steps and acknowledgments and releasing into lovethat which so needs it.



 Relax and lean into love. And love will not disappoint. I am your Mother Maryand I surround you with lullabies of love now.



Hello dear children, it is I, your Mother Gaia. I’m heretoday to say thank you for all of the tremendous transmuting work you all havedone for me lately. My kingdoms feel it and I feel it most in my core, myheart, and I want to let you know, children, that it is working and to pleasekeep up the stellar work! For we are all in this together. This is a grandadventure of light, of love, and of new beginnings as one.





We are inextricably linked, you and I, and all is unfolding. I wish to ascendmore rapidly as do you and the wave is approaching children. Can you feel it inyour hearts and on the back of your arms as your little hairs raise up in eageranticipation and excitement? Yes, it is happening. We are happening! We areascending as one as the prophets and stars longforetold. All is well. All is well! I love you all so much. Be at peacechildren and rest in me. I am your Mother Gaia.





I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things; thegoddess energy that permeates all. I am here for you all Humanity in your questfor self discovery and self mastery. I am the passion and the creative force ofthe universe. And as I am in all things of course so I am within you. You areno small thing. This is a great lie. You are powerful light warriors here forthe grand experiment and to lend you light and power to bring about gloriousgreat change from darkness into light and to test your mettle! May I lovinglyremind you, that you are masters and able to do this great thing in effortlessease. For you have trained for this for thousands of years and lifetimes and itis your time to rise.



It is your time for victory. Rise up and claim your crown, claim your prize and claim your mastery. For it is yourright. I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things. I have beeneverywhere because I am in all things. It is your time and chance to createNova Gaia as one massive human collective - free of programming. Let us createa beautiful paradise of oneness and total healing together. I am the Mother,the Universal Mother of all things.



We are the Mothers serving humanity with great love in our hearts. Be at peace.All is well. We embrace you with the Christed light of longings remembered, ofthe eternal Christed light of Home.



~ galaxygirl




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