while we finish decoding a major light forces transmission that was intercepted by the earth alliance this morning,we wanted to show you a couple of interesting observations regarding the earth's schumann resonance.(notice the images below)


今天早上我们完成了一个 被地球联盟下载的主要光力传输的解码,我们想向你们展示一些 关于地球舒曼共振的有趣的观察。 ( 请注意上面的图片 )


observation#1:the new 5d vtxc grid is strengthening and is clearly visible now in earth's energy field!this high-vibrational energy framework is the new 5d matrix of light that will be the foundation of the new earth civilization!


观测 #1: 新的 5 vtxc 网格正在加强,现在在地球的能量场中清晰可见!这个高振动能量框架 是新的 5d 光矩阵, 将是新地球文明的基础!


observation#2:light forces are bombarding the planet with specific frequency bursts of light right now to fully build out this new grid!


观察 #2: 现在光 力量正以特定频率的光脉冲轰击行星,以完全建立这个新的栅格!


stay tuned for our upcoming light forces planetary broadcast


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