The world is mixed. Overcome the illusion within and react not, and you will be free. It is within your hearts reach at any time you change the station. What is the sound of rap music when you turn it off? What is the sound of the world news and age·nda when you turn off the TV? What is that which you feed the mind with? Stimulus is your opening of reaction and resonance and this patterns itself into your mind and social matching energies.




Whatever beings you are around will match your energies. Even women will menstruate at the same time being in close habitat. All is mental and physical currents of energy. Why do you think that the world lea·ders and corporations want to con·trol en·ergy? They use microwaves and EMF to con·trol your very moods and minds with frequencies. You humans have no idea what they are doing to con·trol you like a h·erd of sh·eep or chatt·el.


你周围的人会匹配你的能量。一切都是精神和物理的能量流。不然世界领袖和公司为什么想要控制能量(能源)?他们使用微波和 EMF 控制你的情绪和思想(伴随着频率)。你们人类根本毫无头绪他们是如何控制你的,像一群绵羊或奴


Inside your new computers, phones and desktops are chips that receive the line currents and broadcast frequencies that can mo·nitor you and send data 24/7. Big Brother is here. Since the El·ite are only 1% they are building massive AI to co·ntrol and predict your every move. Soon weather modi·fications and world events along with dise·ases will take you down bit by bit.


在你新的电脑,手机和台式机中的芯片接收着线路电流和广播频率,可以 24 小时地监控你并发送数据。老大哥在这里。因为精英只有 1% ,他们在建立大规模的 AI 来掌控和预测你的每一个行为。很快天气改造以及连同疾病的世界事件会一点一点地压垮你


This is not global warming, this is warf·are on the world humans, from fluor·ide to aer·osol to·xic sprayi·ng. Stop being in denial. This agenda of the New Wo·rld Or·der and is based on non-hum·an reptil·ian agen·das and the world leaders think that they will be in alliance with them afterward. The Atlantean and Lemurian souls as well as the Pleiadian are now coming into the picture. There is a w·ar going on that will be more evident that is not of this world.




This is and will be disclo·sed “now” as Donald Trump announces that there will be a new division of m·ilitary called the ‘Space Program’ mil·itary because there is already one that has been in service since the 1980s. Much reve·aling will happen. You will see it in your movies, advertisement and special news broadcasts. That which is hidden will have to be told. There will be many visible events in next few months.


这会在“现在”被揭露,随着川普宣布一个新的军事部门“太空计划”,因为从 1980 年起就有一个在服务中了。许多的揭露会发生。你会在电影、广告和特殊的新闻广播中看到。曾经隐藏的必须被告知。在接下来的几个月会有许多可见的事件《川普拟筹组太空部队,这是向披露美国空军的秘密太空计划迈出一步》


Events in Alaska and Antarctica, all showing the Atlantean race that was hidden before the deluge. Know the Earth will spin different and the original grids will come online. This is a great time, awaken and prepare to excel. You are going to see things beyond most of your imaginations being revealed.





翻译:Nick Chan


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