Beloved Ones,




I come on the wings of love! Along with all that is coming to the surface to be looked at, acknowledged, transmuted and released, there is also rising the new growth of the seeds that have been planted through these many years. Behold all that is good and wholesome that can now be embraced and supported by the greater energies that daily shower the atmosphere of the planet that is your home in this lifetime, and that has been so in many others. The roots of grounding that you have established into this sentient being that is your home are deep and this will serve you well in the days to come.




This is the time in the ongoing cycle of life on Earth that has an air of renewal to it, renewal of the nature kingdoms for those who live in the northern hemisphere, renewal of hope for a better way for all of life to enjoy and experience, new birth and beginnings and new creative projects waiting to manifest in the light of a new day.Hold to these feelings of happy expectation and anticipation, for in this time, it can blossom into the life you have always dreamt of. The positive changes can manifest in very small, seemingly insignificant ways, but these can have the outcome of a major impact. Believe that it can and is, happening, and hold that thought in your heart at all times.




There comes upon the planet now, an energy that opens the door to the golden path of initiation for those who have been doing the work. This will come to each person at the appropriate moment in order to achieve the best possible outcome. As each person rises on the initiatory path, the tests can be very powerful and life changing for them. Each initiation has brought the individual to a greater integration and awareness of self that was not evident before. The veil of forgetfulness that was placed upon them at birth or shortly thereafter, is being systematically disintegrated now and their true and authentic master self is beginning to shine through.




Most of you reading this message or listening to it are in the process of experiencing the fifth initiation.Most of your seven lower chakras have been cleared and the higher chakras have been opened. You are now dealing with the creations of your mind which usually have the element of fear attached to them. Facing these fears and realizing that they are only creations of one’s mind, then letting go and releasing these is the work of the moment. It is why you have been dwelling in introspection within self lately, for you are working on clearing the way forward to initiation into the sixth. The more of these that can be cleared, the more mastery one gains over the physical, mental and emotional bodies.




This is a task that requires self observation of one’s mental and emotional processes and upon recognition of what is occurring, stating one’s intent to acknowledge, let go, release and clear it will make it so. It requires dedication to the ascension process and being willing to let go of the personality ego and to surrender to the Holy Christ Self - your Eternal Divine Essence that now resides within one’s sacred diamond heart. It requires a continued dedication to purifying one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions and to purifying the physical body through diet, proper hydration, breath work, meditation and visualization skills. You are all doing this work and making progress and we encourage you to keep on keeping on!




Until next month…




I AM Hilarion





通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan




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