You are in the midst of an energy wave that is going to be somewhat confusing for many of you. You will find yourselves with quite a lot of choosing to do. Which path is the ‘right’ path? We will say that the path you choose will be the right path. Let us give you our reasons for making such a statement.




First of all, there is the fact that there is no wrong path. There may be a long and a short path. There may be a high road and a low road. But, just as ‘all roads lead to Rome’, in your case, all paths will eventually lead to your only possible destination.




Some may be smooth. Some may be bumpy. Some may be straight. Some may be crooked. But you WILL learn what you need to learn.




So you see that, no matter what choices you make, you cannot get it ‘wrong’. This should help settle your minds.




Because of the realization of the huge changes that are coming, the number of choices that you personally begin to see will seem bewildering at first. Our advice is that you open a door, any door, look at what you see, and then decide whether to step through it or move on to see what else may be possible.




Do not lose sight of the fact that eternal beings will have the opportunity to revisit whatever they feel they may have missed. As we have said in other contexts, you can’t get it wrong.




You path will be your path and yours alone. The ONE has no need for billions upon billions of souls to tread the same path. Every experience is valuable in some way. Perhaps instead of trying so hard to do things right, you should just try to do things.




As has been said by some of you recently, slide home saying, “Wow! What a ride!”




Let your guides place choices in your path, their job, and then feel free to choose, your job. You won’t have to force your way into anything that will make you feel happy and fulfilled. Be amazed. Be amazing. But be amazing to yourselves. That, in the end, is all that matters.




通灵:Ron Head

翻译:Nick Chan






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