I come on the wings of love! The intensity of the energies coming in from the Cosmos have been sweeping to the surface of collective awareness the need for change in the people of Earth. Many people are taking up the cries for a better way to live by voicing and reiterating the horrors that still exist in many parts of the world. Those who have been advocating for change for many decades are making themselves heard again. They are taking a stand against the horrors of war and the destruction it brings, especially to women and children. This focus has been their life’s work and so the intensity of the energies is triggering the unresolved issues with no solutions given, within each of them. More of this activity will continue to occur in the days ahead.




It is important to maintain your balance and your Light as this continues. It is important to send love to those people and areas of the world where this is happening. It is also extremely important to stay detached – do not engage with these discordant energies, as they have the potential to cause people to be in the polarity/duality of the old paradigm once again. These times call for clear hearts and heads to prevail. The Lightworkers and WayShowers have worked hard to extract themselves from the underworld of lower dimensional looping patterns and they know the inherent dangers of going that route. There are energetic and powerful ways that can be utilized in order to assist the maintenance of balance upon this planet. Sending light and love where it can make a positive difference is preferable to getting involved in your personal physical presence.


很重要去保持你的平衡与光,随着这些事情继续。很重要去把爱发送给这些事情发生的人和地区。还很重要去保持超然 --- 不要与不和谐的能量接洽,因为它们可能会导致人们再次处于旧范式的极性 / 二元性。这些时刻需要清晰的心和头脑。光之工作者和引路人努力脱离较低维度的循环模式,他们知道那条道路的危险性。有着强大的方式可以被使用,以便协助维持地球上的平和。把光与爱发送到它们可以产生积极影响的地方比你参与其中更可取


The focus for these times is on maintaining the Light and never wavering from your spiritual path. There is so much happening in the world that would take this achievement from you - using your discernment, clarity and ability to know truth in every situation is paramount. Know self and be true to self, it is the way! Your beliefs, spiritual guidance and fellowship with your Family of Light have gotten you to this point so far…you have come a long way. Do not falter on your path now…keep on keeping on! A few years from now when you look back, you will be so happy that you held on! Focus on one day at a time…this will help you to feel more balanced and in equilibrium as the events in the world around you unfold. There is much that is being accomplished at an inner consciousness level.


这些时刻应该要去专注于维持光,永远不要偏离你精神的道路。世界上有着很多事情在发生会干扰你 --- 使用你的洞察力、明晰、以及在每个情况中知晓真相的能力是最重要的。了解自己,忠于自己,这是正道!你的信念、精神指导和与光之家人的友谊带你到达了这个点 ... 你走了很远。不要现在动摇 ... 坚持下去!几年后,当你回顾,你会很高兴你坚持了下来!把焦点放在每一天 ... 这会帮助你感到更加平衡与均衡,随着周遭世界中的事件展开。有着很多东西在内在的意识层面被完成


Those at the forefront of the movement towards establishing the new Earth reality are discovering how to interact with all levels of life from the macroscosm right down to the microcosm. We really are all One. We are all connected… and every part of life is known and seen, loved and supported, nurtured and empowered by Divine Source. As this understanding develops further, there will be a greater openness within humanity to function within a higher perspective of wholeness as contained in the template of Oneness, our Eternal Divine Essence. The growth that takes place is a self-directed path that supports each being’s desire to live a truly authentic life following their own self guidance. They will embrace the adventure of discovery of what is possible for them. They will directly create the path to their desired outcome.


那些处于建立新地球现实的前线之人正在发生如何从宏观到微观与所有生活层面交互。我们确实是一。我们都是相连的 ... 生活的每个部分都被神圣的源头知晓、看到、爱、支持、滋养和授权。随着这一理解进一步发展,人类之中会有一个更大的敞开去在更高的完整性视角运行,被包含在合一的模版中,我们永恒神圣的本质。所发生的成长是一个自我引导的道路,会支持每个人去过上真实的生活,跟随他们自我的指引。他们会拥抱“探索什么对他们来说是可能的冒险”。他们会直接创造通往他们渴望结果的道路


For the time being, it is still ‘all hands on deck’ as we hold the space of the glorious future foremost in our minds. Continue your focus of constant gratitude, feelings of joy and happiness as you send out blessings and thanks to All That Is, knowing that as you think it, you become it! The Universe responds in kind by giving you more. You are powerful beyond current understanding…know that sustained levels of happiness, joy and bliss automatically dissolve anything of lower vibration – this keeps you always aligned to Source. You will experience miracles, synchronicities and serendipity in ways that make you feel amazed!


目前,依旧是“各就各位”,随着我们在头脑中保持辉煌未来的空间。继续你对恒常感恩、喜悦和幸福感的专注,随着你把幸福和感恩发送给一切万有,知晓,随着你思考它,你就会成为它!宇宙通过给予你更多来响应你。你比你当前所能理解的更加强大 ... 知晓,持久的幸福、喜悦和极乐会自动溶解任何较低的振动 --- 这会让你总是与源头对齐。你会在让你感到惊讶的方式中体验奇迹、同时性和意外新发现


Until next month…




I AM Hilarion


我是 Hilarion


通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan



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