原创 2018-02-13 萨南达 新纪元扬升之光

Sananda via Galaxygirl, February 12th, 2018




Greetingsfriends and family, of the light and of tough mettle. You are strong enough forthis moment in what will soon be your history. This channel wishes me toaddress how to speak your truth to those who don’t want to hear it and mostlikely have killed you in other lifetimes. It is true. Many of you have diednumerous times in numerous not so nice ways at the hands of those who were notready for your light and were blinded by it, and reacted in fear. It is timefor you to forgive this and to move onward. And I assure you this is thelifetime you have been training for, and this is the lifetime that needs yourlight the most.



Life as you know and understandit is about to be expanded even further, which can and will be jarring to thosewho are happiest asleep. You’ve heard the phrase “Never wake a sleeping baby,”haven’t you? There are many – billions – of these sleeping spiritual babies whoare going to be jolted awake and irritated, flustered, angry, shocked. Theywill need you to lead them and to be the quiet voice of comfort at first,followed by your loudest voice of leadership, of wisdom, of hope, of grace.



Now, you will not be alone inthis. Not only will your dormant healing and wisdom from former lifetimes comeonline for you, but of course you will have us, the Company of Heaven(unincorporated!) backing you up every step of the way. Seek us for inspiration.Blog. Vlog. Connect. Post. Email. Speak. It has never been easier to connectvia your emerging and evolving technology – and we understand and see thesocial isolation in this for our grounded ones, who long to remain safe intheir obscurity.

此刻,你们不是孤单一人。你不仅可以从前世中获得潜在的疗愈和智慧,而且在你道路上的每一步中,你将会得到我们,天堂的团队的支持。寻找我们,通过你的灵感,博客,视频,链接,邮件,交谈。通过你正在形成的和不断发展的技术联系上并不容易 ——从我们地面人员那里,我们理解并看到了这种社会上隔离的存在,他们希望能在隐蔽中保持安全。


Ascension is normal, as SuzanneLie’s Arcturian friends and family are continually saying, guiding. Ourgrounded ones need to speak clearly, from the heart, about their experiences.And I, we, assure you, this is the lifetime that they will listen. Your voiceis most necessary for the success of this mission, although yes, be at peacethat success is assured, a “done deal’ as you say. The human consciousness wasseeded by my ascension, true, but I was merely showing you how to do it, sowingthe seed for this possibility to begin to be processed. And now the time ofmass planetary ascension is upon us in this most glorious Now, and we on theships are dancing and can hardly contain our joy at the thought of our imminentreunion with our family and friends of the light who have done the impossiblewith the grace and ease of masters of light and love. Of true love light.



Allow me in. Allow me to help youin this transition. Hearts must be expanded gently. This is not your job toexpand hearts but to show them a heart that is so expanded with Christ love andlight that it will be contagious and they will seek me to help expand them. Youare the lovers, the leaders of this new glorious era of Nova Gaia. You are andhave been in leadership training for many lifetimes for this Now moment. Do notbe afraid, for I am with you. In this world where nothing is as it seems, I amreal, my love is real, the Company of Heaven is so real – all around you – itis truly just the illusion that is being stripped away. All the “good stuff” iseven better than you can currently imagine!



I leave you now enveloped in myChrist-light, in your developing Christ light and know that I am ever here foryou, and your success is assured. Lean on me. I’ll lean on you. Together we areso strong, friend, you have no idea. Nothing is impossible to those whobelieve, because your intention creates. Be careful with what you are creating.Love must be in the forefront – of everything.



I love you. I am your Sananda. Beencouraged. We’ve got this!







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