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So much is happening right now. The moment we feel that we have gotten our footing from one energy event, another one is on its heels. The end of July and the month of August are jammed packed with amazing events that have the ability to really shake things up. The is all happening to push us beyond our perceived limits and to clear out all that cannot be held in the higher frequencies. As some of my clients have e·xp·ressed concerns about the timeline split, I decided to talk with my Ascension team about the upcoming timeline split in a question and answer format.


很多东西正在发生。当我们感到从一个能量事件中刚站稳脚步,另一个就来了。 7 月底和 8 月份被惊人的事件所充斥,它们真正地把事物都搅拌起来了。这些的发生把我们推向了有限感知之外,清理了所有无法在更高频率中保持的一切。我的一些客户表达了对时间线分离的担忧,我决定和我的扬升团队谈谈即将到来的时间线分离,在问答的形式中


Team: The timeline split is most auspicious. It is the defining point. It is the convergence of frequencies all geared towards the same outcome mass ascension of the human population.


团队: 时间线的分离是最吉祥的。这是决定性的点。这是所有频率的收敛,准备朝向相同的结果 --- 人类的集体扬升


Me: Last September, we as a collective choose an accelerated timeline. Is this a byproduct of this choice?


我: 去年 9 月,我们集体选择了一条加速的时间线。这是这个选择的副作用吗?


Team: Yes, once the accelerated timeline was chosen, all that took place energetically was to prepare each person for the timeline split.


团队: 是的,一旦加速的时间线被选择,所有竭力发生的是在让每个人为时间线的分离做好准备


Me: Will the timeline split happen in an instant?


我: 时间线的分离会在一瞬间发生吗?


Team: No, it has already begun and will conclude after the eclipse season.


团队: 不,它已经发生,会在日月食季节过去后结束


Me: Will people be aware that the shift has taken place?


我: 人们会意识到转变已经发生了吗?


Team: Some will yes. However, many will not. They will simply look back upon this time as the moment all began to change.


团队: 一些人会。但,许多人不会。他们会回头看这个时间像是一切开始改变的时间


Me: Will there be those that choose not to ascend?


我: 会有选择不扬升的人吗?


Team: Yes, though you must understand that there are levels to what one considers ascending. The basic definition is for the souls to hold within themselves a frequency of no lower than the lowest level of fifth-dimensional frequency.


团队: 会,但你必须明白对一个人所认为的扬升有着许多的层面。基本的定义就是一个频率,不低于五维频率最低的层面。


This will be confusing for many as they have been led to believe that it will be a utopia in an instant. Instead of a gateway for one to experience further growth without the outside influence of negativity. There will be those that choose to reach the highest levels of frequency within themselves and those that will be content to have made it through the threshold.




Me: So after the convergence, will all negativity be gone?


我: 在收敛后,所有的负面会消失吗?


Team: No, each person will have to work through the beliefs that have led to the creation of what you see in the collective.


团队: 不,每个人必须通过导致你在集体中看到的事物之信念


What will change is the requirement for duality to be part of the experience. No longer will one have to learn through suffering and sacrifice. However, there will be those that will continue these dynamics within themselves until the programming is sufficiently rewritten. In order to move from this energetic pattern, one must remove the judgments of self and others, forgive all, and allow joy to permeate all parts of their being.




Me: Will those that are not choosing to ascend at this time still be on earth?


我: 此刻没有选择扬升的人会依旧处于地球吗?


Team: For a time, yes. For some, you will find that they naturally gravitate away from you and your creation of reality. Some will choose to leave their form, but this will also be true for some who are choosing Ascension in this lifetime. Not all will choose to stay in form once they have completed what their soul intended. Others will still interact with you helping you to continue learning and growing as they fulfill their soul contracts.


团队: 会存在一段时间。对于一些人,你会发现他们自然地离你和你的现实创造而去。一些人会选择离开身体,但一些在此刻选择扬升的人也会这样。不是所有人都会选择处于身体中,一旦完成了他们的灵魂意图。其他人会依旧与你交互,帮助你学习和成长,随着他们完成自己的灵魂契约。


Me: What is taking place this August with all the huge energy events?


我: 伴随着所有巨大的能量事件,这个八月正在发生什么?


Team: These are choice points if you will. Each event an opportunity for all of ones lower timelines to collapse within. This is so that all of ones energy will be focused on moving themselves and the collective as a whole forward. It is a space where all the higher frequencies will converge helping to create new potential realities of each person.


团队: 这些是选择点。每个事件都是一个机遇,让一个人所有较低的时间线崩塌。这样一个人所有的能量都会专注于把自己和集体带向前。这是一个空间,所有更高的频率会收敛,帮助创造每个人的新潜在现实


This convergence will not bring about an instant utopia as there is still much work to be done to clear the disharmony within the collective, but it is a stepping stone where greater assistance will be given. Many layers of the veil will fall away for those who are ready.




Me: Will this lead to disclosure?


我: 这会导向揭露吗?


Team: Not in the sense you are referring to. It will lead to the disclosure of ones true self as all the false belief structures will become more apparent. As more of the collective discovers the hidden truths, it will pave the way for clearer galactic interaction.


团队: 不会在你认为的形式中。它会导向一个人真实自我的揭露,随着所有虚假的信念结构变得更加明显。随着集体越多地发现隐藏的真相,这会为更清晰的银河交互铺平道路。


Me: What else do we need to know about this timeline split?


我: 对这个时间线的分离我们还需要知道什么?


Team: It will be a boost to those that hold the higher energies. There will be greater ease in their form as all around will begin to work together. It will feel be as if unseen support teams have been added. For some, the timeline bifurcation will bring even greater clarity to where dysfunction and inauthenticity have been part of their experience. For those still asleep, the timeline split will begin their awakening.


团队: 对那些保持更高能量的人来说这会是一个促进。他们的身体会更加轻松,随着周围的一切开始共事。这感觉好似不可见的支持团队被添加。对一些人来说,时间线的分离会带来更大的明晰,关于自身体验的哪些部分混乱以及虚假。对那些依旧沉睡的人,时间线的分离会让他们开始觉醒


Me: So even those that are not awake yet may choose which path to take? Ascension or not?


我: 所以那些还未醒来的人会选择什么道路?扬升还是不扬升?


Team: Absolutely, the choice is made at a soul level, prior to incarnating. Though there are some that chose to Ascend but have since decided to obtain more growth within duality. Likewise, there are those that chose initially not to ascend but have found that they were up for the task. Each persons soul chooses the best path, so if one chooses not to ascend there is nothing to be done but to honor that experience.


团队: 绝对,选择已在灵魂层面做出,在化身之前。虽然有一些人选择扬升但后来决定在二元性中获得更多的成长。同样地,有些人一开始不选择扬升但发现他们准备好扬升了。每个人的灵魂选择最好的道路,如果一个人选择不扬升,没什么需要做除了尊重


When one awakens is more of a human choice, which is why some take longer than others. The more deeply entrenched in programming one is, the more the human must be shaken from their sleep.




Me: I had to be shaken quite a few times.


我: 我被摇晃了很多次 ...


Team: Yes, some need to shaken more abruptly than others (laughing). Yet, know that even in the deepest sleep one is learning and experiencing for their soul growth. There is much to appreciate in learning who you are not as there is in learning who you are.


团队: 是的,一些人需要比别人更突然地摇晃。但,知晓,即使在最深度的睡眠中,一个人在为了自己的灵魂成长学习和体验。有着许多去欣赏,在学习你所是之中。


Me: Whenever there is talk of people choosing paths it brings so much fear. People are afraid that loved ones wont make it. The fear reminds me of the belief in the Christian rapture that in one moment people will disappear.


我: 当谈及人们选择道路 --- 这会带来很多的恐惧。人们害怕心爱的人做不到。恐惧提醒了我对基督徒被提的信仰中说道有一刻,人们会消失


Team: There needs to be no fear. This is the time of Ascension. Those that are here now are here to ascend with the planet or to simply be part of the experience by providing contractual experiences that benefit the growth of the soul.


团队: 不需要有恐惧。这是扬升的时刻。此刻在这里的人是来和地球一起扬升的,或者成为体验的一部分,通过提供利益灵魂成长的契约体验。


While there will be a falling away of people that no longer match the frequency you hold, there will not be a mass exodus from the earth in a single moment. Even those that fall away from you may still be choosing to ascend, yet at a higher or lower frequency within the timeline split.




Allow these souls to walk their path, while you walk yours. Knowing each is having the perfect experience for their soul. There is not one path one must walk on the journey to remembering who you are.




Me: How can people prepare for this timeline shift?


我: 人们如何为这个时间线的转变做好准备?


Team: Examining ones beliefs, stories and expectations are important. These are the things that will cause one to experience greater disharmony in the higher frequencies. Look at how one has limited themselves in body, mind, and spirit and then stretch beyond those limitations.


团队: 检查一个人的信仰,故事和期望很重要。这些是导致一个人在更高的频率中体验更大不协调的东西。看看一个人如何把自己局限于身体,头脑和精神中,然后伸展超越局限


We ask that each person works on accepting all that they are and forgive and love what they have deemed unacceptable within themselves and others. Opening ones heart through love, gratitude, and forgiveness of all will allow the energies to flow with greater ease through you.




Each person must come to understand that their potential is limitless. If one is able to see themselves as we see you, then you will fully understand your magnificence and the bravery it has taken to be part of this experiment.




Me: Thank you


我: 谢谢


Team: It is our pleasure.


团队: 不客气


原文: https://eraoflight.com/2017/07/26/the-team-understanding-the-timeline-split/

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翻译:Nick Chan





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