新纪元扬升之光 2018-07-26


 Saint Germainvia James McConnell, July 22nd, 2018



I Am St. Germain.



As always I, and we, all ofus that are mentoring to you at this time, are overjoyed to be able to be withyou to be able to share, to experience, to help you to grow. Just as we werehelped at various times just as I was helped.



These moments that you arein now, what you have called, what many have called “the calm before thestorm.” Well the calm is lifting now and the storm is approaching as has beenheralded long ago that this would occur. It’s been predicted by many that youwould enter this time of a calm, a peace, before the storm begins to rage. Youare right now approaching that storm … or that storm is approaching you.



It is almost as if, and wehave said many times in many ways, ‘fasten your seat belts’. To take a quotefrom that movie The Matrix, you’d better fasten your seat belts Dorothybecause Kansas is about to go bye-bye.



What does that mean? Itmeans that Kansas is the familiar in your lives. That comfort zone that youhave come to understand. All that you have known in your lives is about tochange within that shifting process even now. You are all going through thisshift, this transition. This transition that is taking you toward yourascension; both individual and your collective ascension.



It has been said that you,those of you, the light workers, the warriors, certainly the ones within thisgroup, you are being prepared to be in that first wave of ascension. You’relearning to acclimate to the energies.You are understanding whatis happening in the world. But from an understanding, not of thethree-dimensional illusionary understanding, but from a higher level ofunderstanding. A higher revealing, you might say. You are seeing it for what itis … seeing the world for what it is, not only how it appears.



As you are preparing forthis first wave of ascension, many of you will go through that wave, be a partof that wave and then you will turn around after a certain period of time,after you have acclimated to those much higher energies. You will then turnaround and assist your fellow man in moving through the second wave. You willmentor to that second wave just as we are mentoring to you now. As those in thesecond wave pass through, they will turn and come back and assist those in thethird wave. This is how this ascension process will both begin and complete.



You are all to be a part ofthis in one way or another. Some seemingly greater parts and some which wouldseem to be smaller parts. But as we have said many times there is no greater orsmaller part of this. Just as there is no greater or smaller of those of us,the Ascended Masters, Company of Heaven.



We are all One. We all haveour positions, our responsibilities. No one is higher than anyone else. Can youimagine a world like that? No one is in control of another. You are all thereto keep the control amongst all of you.



When all is in perfectbalance you will know you have arrived at the threshold.



This is what thistransition is all about now: bringing the balance. Bringing the understandingforeword, the revealings forward, the truth, so all may be set free. Find itwithin your selves now, each and every one of you.



Go forward to share, toexperience, to love. Allow yourselves to be loved as well as to love others.



I AM St. Germain and Ileave you now with the Violet Flame to continue to purge out all the oldnegative programming within you so that it may be replaced by, not the newprogramming: the new understandings, the new revealings, that are comingforward.



All of my peace and love bewith all of you.






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