The words mastery, sovereignty, and actuate may seem grandiose to you, but what they really mean is spiritual maturity.You might find the idea of spiritual maturity easier to embrace, as you already accept maturity is what happens as the natural result of accumulated growth and experience.




When you step into your spiritual maturity, you realize you are fully capable and in charge of your own energetics. You realize you are a bringer, not a catcher of energy. This will allow you to shine brightly and confidently like never before. You will feel prepared to embrace your own unique path and to create as you go.




Because your wisdom is leading the way, you will make far less mistakes than you did when you were younger, and if you do have an experience that is not your preference, you will simply redirect with mindfulness and self responsibility. This knowingness will make you far more willing to shift out of your head and into your heart.




Allow yourselves to show up as the mature, capable souls you are, Dear Ones, as that is the first step of reaping the fruits of your labour. From there you will guide yourselves beyond the old fears and belief systems that used to seem so real into the land of your true potential. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


让自己作为你所是的成熟、有能力的灵魂呈现,亲爱的,因为这是收获你劳动成果的第一步。从那里,你会指引自己超越旧的恐惧和信念系统(曾经看似非常真实)进入你真正潜能的领地。 ~ 大天使加百利



翻译:Nick Chan



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