The New Moon on Sunday September 9th, 2018 at 3:01pm ADT ~ is an AUSPICIOUS Portal for your expansion of consciousness and ALIGNMENT for you with you and YOUR Eternal Self. This eternal self…BEING in its Original State, is ALL Levels of abundance NOW. AS ~ you as your expanded GOD Self is not separate from anything.


2018 9 9 日星期天, 3:01pmADT 的新月 ~ 是你意识扩张和你与你永恒自我对齐的吉祥门户。这个永恒的自我 ... 处于它原始状态的存在,是丰盛的所有层面。就像你扩张的神之自我并不与任何东西分离


Every BEING has their own unique frequency vibration they are radiating, consciously or not. Every being that is taking part of the incarnation plan on Earth school, is here to now or eventually be conscious of and connect with THEIR Divine God Self, that exists now in the higher dimensions of conscious awareness.


每个存在都有他自己独特的频率振动,有意识或无意识地辐射着。每个存在参与着地球学校中的化身计划,到这里来或最终会意识到并与他们神圣的神之自我连接 --- 存在于更高维度意识中的


This alignment takes place through the Heart as the energetic memories are released from the subconscious that exist as energetic charges of perceived separation from its source, it’s very OWN God Self.


这个对齐通过心发生,随着能量记忆从潜意识中释放 --- 作为与它的源头,神之自我感知到的分离能量而存在


The Aspects of this New Moon ~. Sun conjunct Moon ~ New Moon Sextile Jupiter, Jupiter sextile Pluto and New Moon Trine Pluto ~ is a DIVINE portal of powerful expansive frequencies that you may consciously enter as YOUR God Self, that knows not separation or LIMITATION.


这个新月的面向 ~ 太阳联合月亮 ~ 新月联合木星,木星联合冥王星,新月三位一体冥王星 ~ 是一个强大扩张频率的神圣门户,你可能会作为神之自我(不知道分离或局限)有意识地进入


This is an alignment Initiation.




The New Moon Opposite Neptune, may appear as challenges that feel like confusion, or insecurity. IF this comes up for you, focus on your breath and heart space. Staying present with what does come up through you are ENERGETIC frequency charges…staying RELAXED is what will help the energy to release quickly, through YOU.


新月在海王星的对立面,可能会呈现出挑战,感到困惑或不安。如果这发生,专注于你的呼吸和心之空间。与通过你出现的东西同在就是在充能 ... 放轻松会帮助能量快速地通过你释放


YOU have access to everything NOW at the higher levels. You are going through the clearing and purification processes that ALLOW your subconscious to become conscious. Which is full ACCESS through your HEART to ALL That IS. All That YOU Are. There is only abundance, love, joy and bliss at those higher levels of being.




Everything is a vibrational frequency you are responding to ~ Being activated in….or you are neutrally observing….this playing out of frequencies that are shifting everything throughout the Universe.


一切都是振动频率,你在向其响应 ~ 被激活 ... 或你在中立地观察 ... 这个频率的上演在转变宇宙中的一切


Set your intentions clearly, then trust and stay present through your breath.




This is powerful New Beginning that is far reaching!




You will feel these powerful new beginning frequencies till the Full Moon…which then continues its playing out of frequencies of manifestation and Alignment impact ~ felt till the next New Moon.


你会感到这些强大的新开始频率直到满月 ... 然后会继续上演显化的频率和对齐的影响 ~ 直到下一个新月


The unfolding and the Alignment is Eternal and Glorious in its Manifestation!




If you are here in a form you are part of this and ALL memories are held in the Original Blueprint, for YOUR DNA to be fully Activated NOW.


如果你在形态中,你是其一部分,所有的记忆被保持在最初的蓝图中,你的 DNA 正被完全激活


The process is reaching a PEAK level of awareness and experience that is bringing about a mass consciousness clearing of ITS subconscious energetic charges of its memories. This is what we are witnessing as the world-wide events. IT IS THE CLEARING process.


进程正到达意识和体验的峰值水平,会带来一个集体意识的清理 --- 关于它潜意识记忆能量的充能。这是我们正在见证的全球事件。这就是清算


As your energy karmic memories clear, YOU awaken more of your Eternal Self, God Self DNA in your form and vibrate and signal this, throughout the Universe. This is happening now.


随着你能量业力记忆的清理,你唤醒更多的永恒自我,神之自我的 DNA ,在你的形态中,并在宇宙中振动和发出这个信号。这正在发生


All takes place THROUGH YOU for your benefit, even if external events appear otherwise.




YOU Are a Divine Powerhouse of LOVE and UNION to ALL experiences. There are no limitations at those levels…that exist now. Again, This is a PORTAL of Alignment.


你是一个神圣的爱之发电机,与所有体验联合。在那些层面没有局限 ... 存在于当下的。再次,这是一个对齐的门户


YOU your God Self, the LIMITLESS you ~ knowing no separation from ALL things throughout the Universe, this is the TRUE YOU.


你的神之自我,无限的你 ~ 不知道什么分离,这才是真正的你


The Eternal You.




The Divine Ascended You.




The YOU existing in the 5th Dimension consciously.




The YOU that lives in AUSPICIOUS Glory.




The YOU that went through the incarnation process, who no longer needs to incarnate unless you want to. That has descend to the lower dimensions than ascended.




YOUR Light Body is READY.




Your Eternal ALIGNMENT is ready and exists NOW.




This is your NATURAL ORIGINAL State of Being.




Feel this even NOW and breathe this in AS YOU NOW FULLY ALIGN with this your eternal auspicious, glorious GOD Self. And so it is, Beloved Angels, in Glory and Love with the Divine Council of Overseers. Receive.




通灵:L’Aura Pleiadian

翻译:Nick Chan







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