Dear Ones,




YOU are at a cross-road.




You are leaving all the old ways behind. You are being called into a very exciting new timeline. Exciting Yes, Challenging also.




It is time to leave behind ALL THAT NO LONGER SERVES YOU.




For many, you may find these words challenging, for much of YOU is energetically tied to “things.”




To be totally FREE imagine all you have is YOU - no belongings, nothing - it can be an extremely freeing experience or it can be terrifying - depending on your perception.


要完全地自由,想象你所拥有的只有你( YOU --- 没有所有物,什么都没有 --- 这可以是极其自由的体验或可怕的 --- 取决于你的观点


YOU, are all you really ever need and everything else is just dressing.


你( YOU ),是你真正所需的一切,其他的东西只是调料


Dear Ones, as you enter these new timelines everything you need will be given unto you. You are more than you know yourselves to be. You are Creator Beings assisting Creation. YOU are infinite, YOU are limitless, and you are starting to remember this truth.




Imagine now you have a “blank canvas.” What will you create for this infinite, limitless YOU? What does your heart desire?


现在想象你有一块“空白的画布”。你会为这个无限的,无限制的你( YOU )创造什么?你的心渴望什么?


Remember to place your hands on your heart - this action connects you to the ALL THAT IS. Breath deeply, ask the question - listen for the wisdom within.


记得将你的手放到心上 --- 这个行为会让你与一切万有连接。深呼吸,问问题 --- 聆听内在的智慧


Dear Ones, you are truly ready for these new beginnings. So much of the old world is crumbling as it needs to. There will be devastation when all the TRUTHS unravel as they are now - faster and faster. You have prepared for these times.


亲爱的一们,你确实为这些新开始准备好了。旧的世界在如它所需地崩塌。当所有的真相揭示 --- 正如它们正在进行,越来越快 --- 会有破坏。你已为这些时刻做好了准备


It is a time to clean and clear all that needs to have the Light shone upon it.




And the Light of Creation is dazzling, allowing the darkness to be witnessed.




Remember Dear Hearts - ALL is by agreement. No judgement - that will be a test of your Mastery - will you be able to hear what you hear, see what you see and just allow?


记住,亲爱的心 --- 一切都是协商好的。没有评判 --- 这会是对你精通的一个考验 --- 你能够听到你所听到的,看到你所看到的之后并允许吗?


Knowing that all is in perfect alignment.




You came to Planet Earth at this most auspicious time to be the Bringers of the Light.




The Light Quotient of YOU and the Planet is dazzling - illuminating all that is not of LOVE.


你( YOU )和地球的光熵是耀眼的 --- 照亮一切不是爱的东西






Your Love vibration is also escalating and you are seeing and feeling the connections grow stronger each new day.




The LOVE THAT YOU ARE is what is guiding you forth, with the strength to stand up each day, face what needs to be faced, with enough energy left to support those who are struggling with all that is unfolding, those who don’t have the knowledge you have - they have yet to remember, but remember they will!!


你所是的爱在指引你向前,伴随着力量昂首挺胸,面对需要面对的,伴随着足够的能量去支持那些对正在展开之物挣扎的人、那些没有你所拥有的知识的人 --- 他们还未忆起,但他们会忆起!


Dear Hearts, we acknowledge what a difficult time this has been with all the changes that have taken place within each of your lives. We have stood with you through each of those changes willing you to reach out to us.




Amazing times await each of you as you continue to create new ways and means to bring Peace to your New Earth. Your abundance is assured and the new technologies which are coming forth will see the health of all Be-ings enhanced to well-being for all.


惊人的时代等待着你们,随着你继续创造新的方式和方法把平和带给你的新地球。你的丰盛是被确保的,正在出现的新技术 / 科技会确保所有存在的健康,加强所有人的福祉


YOU and the LOVE that you radiate are the Creators of the New Earth and all that implies. And now the Children of this New Earth are poised ready to impart their wisdom and knowledge, which will astound many.


你( YOU )和你辐射的爱是新地球和它意味着什么的创造者。现在,这个新地球的孩子们已经泰然自若地准备好传授会震惊许多人的智慧与知识


Call on us, we are united with your desire, we are many and we are One Unified Field offering greater assistance and joining our energies with yours.




What is just out in front of you will be so eagerly accepted you will know Miracles exist without any doubt.




You are loved beyond measure Dear Hearts.




And so it is.








通灵:Leslie-Anne Menzies

翻译:Nick Chan






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