《事件-第二部分 - 在我们忘记一切的那一天》

《事件-第四部分 - 觉醒与认识》 



It is June and it is time to report about the coming portal days. Portal Days have the wonderful quality that we can heal and dissolve deep and unconscious programs. In doing so, we will once again reach our limits so that these energies may finally dissolve.




For those readers who are not familiar with the term „portal“, a very simplified explanation. Portals are cosmic doors or gates that allow the spiritual hierarchy to direct energies of the central sun to the earth in very high concentration and in concentrated form. Each of these portals has different qualities, depending on which topics need to be resolved in the collective.




Collective themes are the simpler themes. Individual topics are the more complex and demanding challenges we are confronted with, as they affect and challenge us personally.




I was asked to pass this message on to the readers so that everyone can connect to the energy of the central sun and source. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel anything. It doesn’t matter if you don’t gain knowledge while reading this post. Be aware it’s happening and it doesn’t matter how it happens.




When you’re ready, let’s go!






Open your heart and listen to what will come. The energy incorporated in this text is meant to prepare you for what is to come. There is nothing you can do for it but accept it and not oppose what will inevitably flow through your whole BEING.




The quality of energy and time that will reach you in the days to come will give you the opportunity to release, heal and transform very old programs. You’ll be rid of a lot of inherited burdens and it’s time to throw this ballast overboard, because your crystalline form is taking shape. The time of carbon-based personality is soon over and you can look forward to your highly vibrating body, which will carry a completely different energy. You will be able to move to much higher levels and thus connect to your very personal SELF in you. This connection is now strengthened more and more and with this connection also your abilities and possibilities, which you need for the next steps of the evolution process or ascension.




No power in the universe can stand in the way of this change. No more man·ipulations and mi·nd con·trol are possible and thus the covering up and concealment will also become a thing of the impossible. It will be exciting when we see more and more in the media that those who have man·ipulated humanity are themselves exposed to mani·pulation, that is how they will experience it and contribute their share so that these old energies and programs can be dissolved.




Be ready for this, because not only amusing topics are washed to the surface. No, horrible things are presented in the media to show us how far we have gone from our divine path.




Everything is as it should and must be. Nothing, but nothing at all is wrong with it, because the divine plan wants to experience its completion and YOU, yes YOU, are an important part of it.




Go into your heart for the last time now. Focus on it again before you continue reading. Feel the power and the power in you, for it is the divine in you that awakens and that delights us immensely.




In this sense I let the energy work in you and I will come again. Be ready, because there is nothing left to hold you back. Long live LOVE, long live freedom.








The cosmic messenger pigeon


宇宙使者 pigeon



翻译:Nick Chan









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