In the days of Lumeria, where Source light danced among the people and their hearts were open to great truths of love, of light and of new beginnings, it was a simple truth to understand, to acknowledge one’s own connection with Source. After the fall this was not so much the case as consciousness was dimmed, limited, so that the experiment of rending of worlds, of dross, of darkness, could be fully experienced. After cycles of thousands and thousands of lives you have experienced enough of these lessons, of these truths of the darkness and it is time to set yourself free from them. Many of you have declared that you are Lumerian, and indeed you may be, for you are an old soul.




If you are reading these words it is highly likely that you were a part of this from the beginning of the time war, from the beginning of this realm, of sector, of chaos and wrestling with the dark energies in this quadrant of space. Other worlds, other times have happily zipped on by, worlds colliding, stars dying and being reborn, energies changing, merging with Source to yet create more experience, all the while Earth remained quarantined. There is truly much to catch up on and much to understand for the light is strong now again, just as in the days of Lumeria, where all was golden and bright and pure. And you grid keepers held the burden of the codes and of the remembering and reawakening of them as guardians of Gaia, and of her kingdoms. It is time to reawaken gatekeepers and embrace your destiny. For your job descriptions are highly sought after. Toning. Humming. Working with crystals. If such thoughts delight you and stir some deep remembering then such is our calling, your destiny. When your Lumeria fell, many of you were traumatized to your core and vowed to find each other again and to work together again to bring her back up to the light again, quite literally. And so you are. You are doing this now with every time you choose joy, laughter and listen to your inner knowing and nudges, ever bringing you back to the Lumerian calling that stirs deep within your heart space. I am your higher self. We are one.





I am your Lumerian seed crystal and my energy pulse beats with that of your own heartbeat and it thrills us to be connecting with humanity again in this way, for we have missed working with our human friends. We crystals are very eager, very eager! - to share our knowledge and become reprogrammed in the ways of light, for the darkness holds no interest to us and we wish only to serve the light and the mother of all things, which is to us precious Gaia. We are working with her eagerly in her ascension and with your own, should you allow us.


我是你的利穆里亚晶种,我的能量脉冲与你的心一起跃动,在这样的方式中与人类再次连接令我们很激动,因为我们很思念与人类朋友的共事。我们水晶非常地渴望,饥渴! --- 分享我们的知识,在光的方式中被重新编程,因为黑暗对我们不感兴趣,我们只希望服务于光以及万物的母亲,也就是宝贵的盖亚。我们急切地和她一起致力于她的扬升,以及你的,如果你允许我们


We are the Lumerian seed crystals and we are connecting with your atoms, with your vibe as you say and cleaning and clearing your auras should you allow us to do so, and we hope that you do. We are friendly and eager to work with our humans again. For in the days of Lumeria you were masters who knew your jobs and did them effortlessly it seemed to us. For it was natural for you to work with us, with the kingdoms of the mother and to be filled with her breath so that all was joy for you. Work was joy. So we encourage you to rediscover this and these things now, these ideas that are very real we assure you.




For you grid keepers have been working around the clock for so many years and lifetimes in preparation for these coming days and these present times of tumultuous change and rebirth. Gaia is rebirthing a higher version of herself. Just as you are rebirthing a higher version of yourselves. We can help you with this process as we clean and clear away (with your intention, programming this) all of the dross and muck and pain that you have accumulated along your myriad of journeys into the 3rd dimension and 4th dimension. It is time to let these tremendous energies of light and of love to blast through the pain that you have been holding on to and let it slide away, transformed into bliss. You don’t need it anymore. You’re lessons have been learned.




It is time now to learn new lessons of light, of love and of grid keeping, forming, restructuring the grid lines of Nova Gaia. Allow us to help you with this for we are all lined up underground pulsing with delight just waiting for your word, human friends. Intend to connect with Nova Gaia’s crystalline structure and we will respond! We have already responded, as we are providing this clarion call to the light and for our truly talented human friends to jump up and run with this message in pure delight of remembering your Lumerian roots, blood , heritage and passion. Eden is returning. And Eden is already here in your hearts. Nurture the crystal seed atom within your 5d hearts and the rainbow bridge within. For as within so without. And you will see the rainbow bridge all around you! Pulsing with delight and glory! Bring it. We are the Lumerian Crystal Seed Collective rejoicing with our human keepers and friends again. We are one.


是时候去学习新的光、爱、网格守护的课程,成型、重建新星盖亚的网格线。让我们来帮助你,因为我们在地下排着队伴随着喜悦脉动着,等待着你们的指令,人类朋友们。意图与新星盖亚的水晶结构连接,我们会响应!我们已经响应,随着我们提供这个感人的号召给光,让我们真正有才华的人类朋友伴随着这里信息奔跑舞动起来,在忆起你利穆里亚根源、血缘、遗产和热情的纯粹喜悦中。伊甸园在返回。伊甸园早已在你的心中。滋养你 5D 心中的晶种原子以及内在的彩虹桥。因为在内如在外。你会在四周看到彩虹桥!与喜悦和荣耀脉动!我们是利穆里亚晶种集体,很高兴再次与我们的人类守护者和朋友连接。我们是一


更高的自我和利穆里亚水晶集体 20180609 我们是一


翻译:Nick Chan


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