Greetings dearest brothers and sisters! I am Jesus Sananda, your brother in love and light, your family and close friend. I come to join you today, to sit with thee and everyone that is close to thee. I come to ask you and encourage you to celebrate…to celebrate and cherish not only the great achievements and past milestones of your loved ones or yourselves but to celebrate and marvel in the beauty and awesomeness of every moment.


问候,挚爱的兄弟姐妹们!我是耶稣·萨南达,你爱与光中的兄长,你的家人和亲密的朋友。今天我前来加入你们,与你和每个与你临近的人同坐。我前来请求你,鼓励你去庆祝 ... 不仅去庆祝和珍惜你以及你心爱的人所实现的伟大成就和过去的里程碑,还去庆祝和惊叹时时刻刻的美丽与精彩


Sit with me now and let me hold your hand in your heart, our heart sanctuary! Feel my energy communing with yours and let’s enjoy together all the greatness that is part of your life. Feel the expansion of your heart and soul, feel the wisdom and the love flowing through you. Feel the power and the joy that is shifting you into a higher vibration, the vibration of beauty and love.




Just sit here with me for as long as you need. Feel the peace and serenity enfolding thee. And then let’s take a quick glance at the events and situations that you are seeing as negative, or less than desirable, that you would rather not look at, and which you have hidden away out of shame and guilt.




Now, from where we are, you can see the unfoldment of the pieces that are leading you to more wisdom and understanding of the ways of life. Understand that these times of seemingly failing and hitting a dead end are teaching you so much more than your victories and accomplishments. You are finally realizing that there is learning and life in everything occurring on your path. You are finally understanding that you are a very powerful creator.




When we are talking about creation and sometimes bringing forward into your reality situations and events that seem to be unwanted or, plainly said, felt as negative, you understand that this is not a critical statement. And not because it doesn’t affect us in any way, because we are watching you in those moments with curiosity and excitement even more closely than before, but because we can see the great potential for expansion that lies behind all these events.




So many times we see you struggling to prevent their occurrences and then when you can’t, you judge and belittle yourselves for being there, for not seeing the signs and the clues leading you to those events, and for not preventing these so-called disasters. But new constructions come most of the time after the old has been demolished and brought to ashes after the roots of the old have been replaced by a stronger and firmer foundation.




When you recognize the purpose and then joyfully call in and bring your co-creator team, including myself, to assist you, then you are quickly moving along your path and accomplishing your mission.




When you dwell on the so-called mistakes it becomes more difficult to see the entire picture and lesson. You rush through the events trying to resist the changes and to maintain that old structure, allowing your egos to interfere and cloud you even further.




Remember to come into the peace of the sanctuary of your heart often, and if needed, after each dis-empowering thought arrives within thee. Then let that innate heart knowing dissolve them into pure light. Allow the wisdom of any situation to come to you, read between the lines, go deeper and deeper and at all levels feel and incorporate the lessons, and then gently let go of the lower vibrations and everything that is of judgment and of untruth, attempting to drag you into more of the same.




When you go into your heart you can easily access each and every one of your bodies, for this is where your main and central self resides. Your physical vessel will reveal the physical clues of true or false, and then your mental body will analyze and record the lesson and keep it safe for you for future use, while your spiritual body will reveal roots into different lifetimes and dimensions, and then translate all the data into wisdom.




But, are you taking the time to hear and tune into every source of the truth that you have within? When you do so dear hearts, then you are truly in balance because you are tending to every part of self and this is true power and unshakable faith and trust in oneself.




I am here with thee at all times and always! Stay in peace, stay with my love!








耶稣 20180609 进入心的圣殿

通灵:Genoveva Coyle

翻译:Nick Chan




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