I am Prime Creator, you call me God or Father, you give me different names. I am here to deliver a message to all of you. As I spoke to you last time, a lot of things have changed in this world, where you are now.




First of all, you had experienced two in a half months lockout at your home. You lost your income, your freedom and you have been told and forced to stay at your place. Today, I would like to talk about it, what's going on right now here on Mother Earth, as I mentioned before, she is in 5th dimension and she left behind only her shadow, this is what you see right now in this 3D reality.


首先,你在家中体验了两个半月的隔离。你失去了收入,自由,你被告知,被迫呆在家里。今天,我想要来谈谈,正在地球母亲之上发生什么,正如我之前提及的,她已经在五维,她只会抛弃她的阴影,这就是你正在 3D 现实中看到的


I want to bring to your attention that a lot of events are happening in the world and in your neighborhood at this moment. Please, understand and be careful on how you express yourself about the way you feel and stand up for your violated rights. I ask for you to do this in a peaceful way, I know many of you are doing this without violence. While the Dark Ones as usual trying to attack you and your neighbors by creating riots and destroying other people's property, so please be aware of that and stay away from the ones, who are trying create more problems in this world right now.




What is starting to happen now is the timelines are separating, what does that mean, it means the 3D timeline is separating from 5D timeline, so the people on Earth who are not awake, they are going to be left behind and the ones who are awake they are in transition to 5D and they will be moving forward. I would like to let you know that my original plan was to bring to Ascension all of the Humanity at the same time. Me and the rest of my crew, The Galactic Federation, Counselors and etc., we came to understanding that this is not possible now to ascend all of the beings on the planet Earth at the same time. Many of you are still asleep or half asleep and some of you are awake, it would be unfair to the ones, who are awake to keep them here on this planet in 3D reality by waiting for the other ones to catch up. We send a lot of energies to Earth to speed up this Ascension Process, but unfortunately even that didn't help to wake up certain ones, their preferences on a subconscious level is to stay asleep, because of your free will, we can't force on you the Ascension Process. We need to give you a chance to come and ascend in your own time, when you are ready to ascend.


正在开始发生的是时间线的分离,这意味着 3D 时间线在和 5D 时间线分开,这样地球上没有醒来的人,他们会被留下,而那些醒来的人,他们处于通往 5D 的过渡中,他们会前进。我希望你明白我最初的计划是让所有人同时扬升。我和我的其他队员, 银河聯邦 ,顾问等等,我们现在明白让所有人同时扬升是不可能的。你们许多人依旧沉睡或半梦半醒,你们一些人是苏醒的,让那些醒来的人呆在 3D 现实中等待其他人赶上是不公平的。我们把大量的能量发送给地球来加速这个扬升进程,但不幸的是,即使如此也无法唤醒某些人,他们在潜意识层面选择继续沉睡,出于你的自由意志,我们不能强迫你扬升。我们需要给予你机会在你自己的时间扬升,当你准备好


In the meantime, I want to tell you that I put together a plan, which consists of 5 stages of ascending. The first stage as you know are light workers, light warriors, starseeds and etc., who are the first ones in line for Ascension. They are the ones who are doing most of the work at this moment, they are trying to help and bring this world to Ascension to fifth dimension. You would like to know what are they doing, they are preparing the foundation on this planet by doing spiritual cleansing by removing all of the negative energies and negative entities, what are here right now on Mother Gaia. A lot of work has been done, but the Negative Ones still sneak themselves in and are trying to disturb our work.


与此同时,我想要告诉你,我制订了一个计划,由扬升的 5 个阶段组成。第一阶段,如你所知,就是光之工作者、光战士、星际种子等等,扬升的第一批。他们是此刻做着大部分工作的人,他们试图帮助并带这个世界扬升到五维。你可能想知道他们在做些什么,他们在地球上准备着基础,通过移除所有负面的能量和实体。大量的工作已经完成,但负面存有依旧偷偷摸摸,试图干扰我们的工作


As I mentioned, there will be 5 stages of Ascension. The first one you know now who it will be, then there will be second, third, fourth and fifth stage, so each of you will have fives chances to ascend, if you are ready to ascend, if not, then you are going to go and repeat your life either on the same or on a different planet, but it's going to be 3D density planet. We can't and we are not suppose to enforce on you against your free will this process, unless you did the work by raising your vibration with meditation and are ready to go through with this process by advancing forward to Ascension.


就像我提及过的,会有 5 个阶段。第一阶段你现在已经知道了,然后会有第二个,第三个,第四个和第五个,所以你们每个人会有 5 个扬升的机会,如果你准备好了,但如果没有,你会重复你的人生,要么在相同的星球上要么在不同的星球上,但它会是一个 3D 密度星球。我们不能、我们不会强迫你,违背你的自由意志,直到你通过冥想提升振动并准备好前进朝向扬升


I am Prime Creator and I would like to express my gratitude to all of the light warriors, who are working so hard and preparing the foundation for us to step in. Many of them are doing all this work and are not even aware that they are the only ones doing the work at this present moment on Gaia. These light workers are removing and cleaning all of the energies that carry negativity, which are preventing you and the rest humanity from reaching Ascension. They are like little bees, who are flying from flower to flower and bringing their light and cleansing all of the impurities in their way, so please be patient and understand.




I know you heard many times and are tired of hearing about the process that we are moving to Ascension and that we are going to have soon the Nesara Gesara Republic without seeing results. Please, look at the whole picture now and see that to make changes here is so difficult and you would say, why is it so difficult, because everything in this 3D density is hard and has a lot of resistance to bringing the light to this 3D reality, so please acknowledge and help each other. When you see someone in your surroundings, who is trying to reach out for the light, help them, just give them the light and unify with them by being on the same path, on the path to freedom, joy, happiness and prosperity, which have been promised to you a long time ago, believe me, it's coming, it has been coming for a while now.


我知道你听到过许多次,已经厌倦听到我们述说取得的进展, Nesara Gesara 共合国很快会到来,却看不到结果。请看向整体画面,看到在这里做出改变是非常困难的,你会说,为什么这么困难,因为在 3D 密度中一切都是困难的,把光带给 3D 现实会有大量的阻力,所以请认出彼此,帮助彼此。当你看到周围有人试图触及光,帮助他们,给予他们光,通过踏上相同的道路,通往自由、喜悦、幸福、繁荣的道路,来与他们团结,这些东西很久之前就向你许诺,相信我,它们正在到来


The year 2020, it showing to you how much things are changing around you and around the world. In these couple months, just look how many events took place. I understand your frustration, especially in the United States, where the Dark Forces started riots by violating the first law and the most important law in the Universe by taking away somebody's life, which is not acceptable and will never be acceptable by the Universal Law. We are not pleased that this happened and we are staying together with the family, who lost their loved one and we are expressing our sadness that the Dark Side once again attacked Humanity. Please be careful and understand that they are trying to manipulate the situation in America and continue this reality by creating chaos around you.


2020 年,展示了你有多少东西在你周围和世界各地发生。在这几个月中,看看有多少事情发生。我明白你的沮丧,尤其在美国,黑暗力量通过违背第一法则(剥夺别人的生命)引起骚乱,宇宙中最重要的法则,这是不可接受的,永远不会被宇宙法则接受。我们对此并不感到高兴,我们与失去心爱之人的家人同在,我们很难过黑暗再次攻击了人类。请小心,明白他们在试图操 美国的情况,通过创造混乱来延续这一现实


The best way for you is just be aware and stay in the now and connect to me through your meditation, you will be safe under my divine grace. I am Prime Creator, I have been protecting you and everyone here on Earth and in the Galaxy for a long time, my job is to preserve your life, and to bring you joy, harmony and peace, which has been taken away from you many years ago by Negative Civilizations, the Reptilians, Dracos and etc., who enslaved you. Now, it's time for you to regain your memories of who you are and take your freedom back one step at a time, even if at first it may seem that things are moving very slowly, but it's moving forward. The Galactic Federation has been doing a lot of work secretly and out of sight for now, until the right moment arrives and then everything will be revealed to you. They are going to pick up and continue the work what is assigned for them to do from you, the ground crew, when you will finish cleaning up the negative entities from this reality.




I am always here and available to you, if you want to talk or reach out to me, just go to meditation state and ask for my presence, and I will be there, I am always there, because you and I are One Universal Consciousness. You, me and the rest the world are one and we are never apart from each other, we are always together. The only time you got separated from me is by this 3D reality, you think your not connected to me, it feels like it in this low density dimension, but you still are, just trust yourself and don't be afraid to go ahead with everything you have to do to continue with your spiritual journey here on Terra Christa. Just stay connected to the center of your being, to your soul with meditation, and your soul will guide you on what to do and where to go.


我总是可供你差遣,如果你想要与我交谈或触及我,进入冥想状态,请求我的临在,我会前来,我总是在这里,因为你和我是同一个宇宙意识。你,我,剩下的人,世界是一体的,我们从未与彼此分离,我们总是在一起。你唯一与我分离的时刻就是在这个 3D 现实中的时刻,你认为你不与我相连,在这个较低密度的维度就是这样的感受,但你依旧与我相连,只是相信自己,不要害怕伴随着你需要去做的一切继续你在泰拉上的精神之旅。在冥想中与你存在的中心和的灵魂保持连接,你的灵魂会指引你去做,去前往


I am very sad that you and the rest of the humanity need to go through all of this suffering and pain. I gave you free will and it was used against you by the Negative Groups, who used it to torture you, enslaved you, abuse you and to kill you, especially the young children. More than 8 million children disappear every year in the world. They have been kidnapped, tortured, killed and used as a sacrifice by the Satanic Pedophilia Groups. The end is coming for them, and I am happy that it's going to be the end for them. It has been mentioned in other messages that a lot of children had been rescued and help was given to them, so they can recover and go back to a normal life, even if at this moment nothing feels normal for them, but with love and patience, we will heal and bring them back their life they lost and give them back all they missed in their life.


我很难过,你和剩下的人需要经历这一切苦难和痛苦。我给予了你自由意志,它被负面团体用来针对你们,用来折磨你,奴役你,虐待你,杀害你,尤其是小孩子。世界各地每年会有 800 多万孩子消失。他们被邪恶的恋童癖团体绑架、折磨、杀害、献祭。他们就要完蛋。在其它信息中已经说过大量的孩子被拯救、得到帮助,这样他们可以恢复,返回正常的生活,即使在这个时刻对他们来说没什么是正常的,但伴随着爱和耐心,我们会疗愈他们,带他们回到他们失去的生活,给予他们错过的一切


I am Prime Creator, I love all of you and I am always supporting you and carrying you on my shoulders. You would ask me how I am carrying you on my shoulders, it is very simple, when your going through hard times, you never see me in front of you or behind you or next to you, but I am always there with you. A lot of times, I help you get through the tough times in your life and help you to move to the next moment in your life, even if you don't see me. We are always together and nothing will ever separate you from my love that I have for you, we will continue marching together as One Consciousness of Love to your new life and reality. Your going to leave behind this third dimension and your not going to need to look back ever again and remember all this pain and difficult times you went through.




I would like to ask you please, stay and do your work here as expected, because right now a lot is at stake, the whole Galaxy is watching and waiting to see, if Ascension on Earth is going to happen. It's very important that Ascension Process to fifth dimension is going to be completed on this planet or otherwise the Galaxy is in danger, if something happens to Earth, and the planet is not going to be able to go through the Ascension Process, it's going to effect the rest of the Galaxy in a very negative way.




I am grateful to be here today to deliver my message to you and I have faith in you, that all of you are going to help me and help yourself to move to a new stage in your life. We together as One Universal Consciousness will bring a new world with new Nesara Gesara Republic and life here on Mother Earth will never be same, it's going to be amazing, everyone will be happy, prosperous and everyone will have a peaceful and harmonious life. There will be no more fear, suffering, and no more hunger, only joy and happiness.


今天我很感激来传递信息,我相信你,你们都会帮助我,帮助自己进入新的阶段。我们作为同一个宇宙意识会伴随着 Nesara Gesara 共合国带来一个新的世界,地球上的生活永远不会再相同,它会是惊人的,每个人都会幸福、繁荣,每个人都会拥有一个平静、和谐的生活。不会再有恐惧,苦难,饥饿,只会有喜悦与幸福


I am your Prime Creator and I was happy to be here today to assist and guide you to your new life and a New Age on this planet. Thank you, I send to all of you all my love.




传导: Erena Velazquez

翻译: Nick Chan





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