新纪元扬升之光  2018-06-10


Message fromthe Cetaceans of Sirius B for May 15, 2018 | Galaxygirl




Greetings human friends. We are the Cetaceans of Sirius B, and ofyour own current home world, Gaia. For we are all inextricably linked together,yet are all one heartbeat of the Mother of all things, in whale form. You too,human friends, are but an expression of the Mother within your own form. TheMother is life. She breaths within you, just as she breathes within us as weswim and breach and play with our young ones. We see humanity moving evercloser to understanding of these things. Humanity needs to relearn the art ofplay, of fun, of relaxation. These concepts have been removed, distorted. Lifewas supposed to be enjoyed, co-creating with the Mother of all things, withSource light, in utter peace and joy.

问候人类朋友们。我们是天狼星 B 的鲸鱼类,来自你们自己现在的世界,盖亚。因为我们都是密不可分的,然而一切都属于万物之母的心跳,包括鲸鱼的形式。你们也是,人类朋友们,万物之母的表达在你们自己的形式之内。她是生命。她在你的呼吸里,就像她在我们身体的呼吸里一样,在我们与孩子们一起游泳、呼吸和玩耍的时候。我们看到人类越来越接近理解这些。人类需要重新学习游戏、娱乐和放松的艺术。这些概念已经被消除和扭曲。生命应该是享受,在完全的和平与喜悦中,与万物之母,与源头之光共同创造。


Would you human friends like to swim with us now? Put your feetankle deep into the cool ocean surf. Hear the foamy bubbles popping with gleeand joy and jump in! We are available to swim with, to coach you as you beginto re-remember how to play in the surf of life and of these glorious new energiesthat are bringing us closer to you, in communications such as this, whichpreviously have been quite rare. But as the nature kingdoms, the animalkingdoms – as we all rise up with humanity, our communication sequences willstrengthen, and our bond will become stronger. Telepathy will become normal,commonplace, and you and us, your whale friends, will be able to clearlycommunicate across vast distances should you desire it. We are always willingto listen. Perhaps we may offer a different perspective? One learns to embraceand enjoy the quiet of the deep. The energies are churning your surf – yoursurface world – quite readily at this juncture of timelines.



Let us dive deeper now into the calm, the deep blue peacefulwatery depth where all you can hear is your own breathing in your whale form,and the Heartbeat of the Mother of all things who surrounds you, embracing yourform in her deep waters. It is not chilly, for you are massive in your wellinsulated whale form and you are comfortable, blissful to be free in anotherform, in another environment. For this is a taste of your multi-dimensionality,is it not? For what you imagine creates. Sing your whale song of remembrance ofthese times of reconnection with us. Can you hear us singing? We sing and swim aroundyou now, human friend in whale form, buoying you upwards in our communicationand camaraderie.



Stay here as long as you like in a vortex of deep communion andfriendship. When you are ready rise up, up, up into the sparkling light of thesun’s water rays up to the surface where the water is warmer, clearer andbreach! And be embraced in the thrill of being alive, being made new in thesenew energies of bliss, of oneness, of reunion with yourself. Glorious are you,human friends. For you are remembering your oneness of your human collective.You are growing stronger in the light. We whales with our ancient knowing seeand appreciate your remembering. They will serve you well in the coming days ofchaos and of change.



Remember the deep waters. This is how we meditate. You must findyour own way. Follow your heart and be comforted. And now, when you arerefreshed and renewed, swim back to the beach and become your human form again,stepping out dripping wet, invigorated and walking the sandy beaches with lightin your footsteps. For all is energy. All is connected. And you human friendsare linked inextricably to us. We are one. We are all expressions of Source inthe great cosmic dance of oneness.



We are the whales of Sirius B, offering our energies of supportthis day to our human friends again.

我们是天狼星 B 的鲸鱼,今天为我们的人类朋友提供我们支持的能量。


~ galaxygirl



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