2018-04-19 造物主 疗愈意识灵性提升



The world at large looks for reasons and causes, looks for sequential events and numbers, looks for consequences in a Universe that appears complicated when Truth may actually be simpler as well as deeper than it may at first appear.




In a deeper reality where True Oneness exists, everything occurs all at once. How can this be?




As it is now, almost everything has reasons and explanations and excuses. What seems perfectly logical may not be as it appears.




You have evidence of death. At the same time as you observe death, it is possible for you to accept that death isn’t true, yet at the same time, before your eyes, you may see life’s breath passing.




Yet everything is connected all at once even as you are unable to grasp how it connects.




Everything is in My Hands, and sometimes you accept this, yet not always. Not that you have a direct say here. Clearly, there is more to life than what you observe and more than what you find acceptable.




You would put better endings onto many more real-life stories if you but could, and you would for the good of all. At the same time on Earth, there is business as usual.




I speak to you all the while with time words in languages all the time when I say time does not exist The word when itself is a time word and so on, and sometimes time seems timeless.




You see winter gardens covered in snow. Beneath the snow, spring gardens are beginning to take form and will soon start revealing themselves. Summer gardens are readying themselves profusely. Patiently, the changing of colors in autumn is preparing for its debut.




More is always going on than the eye can see or you even believe.




More or less, life also carries many dimensions. In Infinity, everything exists and is known.




We go from one space to another even as space doesn’t really exist anymore than time exists either. In any case, We will meet again and again somewhere out of both time and space even as We never separate and somehow, Beloveds, you sit in an airplane and are grounded even as you fly.




You are on a sci-fi adventure. Oh, yes, even as One, you and I, there is more than you have dreamed of even as you are not sure where you really exist.




Life is a drop in the bucket. Add non-existent to the mix. Nothing is as you think it is no matter what it is that you think it is. All experience is illusion and passes before your eyes and then is gone, and where are you if you ever were? In what mirror are you seen and yet never stay?




It can also be said that you are a thought, and all that you see is made up of your thoughts. Vastness exists, yet you cannot tie a bow to your Whole Story. You wonder if your story will ever be finished. New threads keep peeking up. And isn’t this multi-threadedness alone a great part of your Story as it writes itself out? Life may be an escapade, and yet it is your mission. You bet, what a surprise or non-surprise life is!




In the world, there are no solids. A floor that looks solid and holds you up consists of moving molecules. In the framework from which Human Beings see, there exist deeper and subtler layers. The deeper and subtler are also true. We might even say they are More True. There is much that is unseen that yet is known or cognized as a matter of fact.




Are you on a mission or an escapade?










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