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 《显化水晶星球》(1) 地球外圈極光保護圈開始了





Inner Balance to Sacred Marriage



The HGS is a Self Mastery Study that is designed to help anyone connect to and find the inner energetic core and learn the language to remember the inner spiritual purpose.


HGS 是一個“自我完善 \ 成熟與掌控的學習” --- 設計來幫助任何人重新與內在能量核心接上線 , 並學習‘內心的語言’去回憶起“內在的靈性目標” !


The AoA Hieros Gamos System (HGS) is a Multidimensional and Living Template Technology being offered to those desiring to expand their own personal empowerment by means of developing spiritual exploration and personal consciousness.  The development of Higher Sensory Perception (HSP) leads to the awareness of communicating directly with ones inner energetic core and finding ones divine mission and purpose in life. As one finds clarity within the personal knowing of their energetic core and its purpose in life, inner balance returns, allowing a state of wellbeing that includes inner peace and harmony.


AoAHierosGamosSystem(HGS) ”是一個多維度而且活生生的平臺科技 --- 提供來給那些渴望擴大他們個人的能力 \ 能量 --- 而願意做“靈性探索與發展”以及“個人覺知成長”的人 .--- 因為開發出“更高的感受覺知能力” HigherSensoryPerception(HSP) 就會帶出與自己內在能量核心的溝通聯機 , 就能找到個人神聖的使命 , 以及人生的意義 . 當一個人對自己內在能量核心有清楚的個人知識 , 以及自己人生的意義 , 那“內在的平衡”就回歸了 .--- 一個人的生命變健全了 ! 而且擁有內心的平靜與合諧 !


Through the intentional application and developmental use of the AoA Hieros Gamos System (HGS), one may develop a foundation based upon Energetic Self-Mastery principles, and claim personal sovereignty and responsibility over ones personal energies. In result, one may become fully cognizant in efficiently and harmlessly directing focus and attention to maximize living life force potentials.


透過用心的” AoAHierosGamosSystem(HGS) ”的使用與發展 --- 一個人就會發展出一個基礎是基於“自我的完全掌控”原則的 , 而且對自己能量擁有‘主權’與“責任” . 其結果 --- 一個人就能在有效率的 , 合諧原則下 , 完全認出活出生命能源潛力的方法 --- 然後專注的 , 專心一致的去做 .


Much of this knowledge has been esoteric and hidden for centuries in many Mystery School teachings and Ancient Wisdom philosophies that carried down this knowledge through certain blood lineages. Basic energetic concepts in comprehending how to access Universal Creative Intelligence forces, the Natural Energetic Laws of Governing Forms, and how one can masterfully direct these energies to influence their experience within the world of matter; have only been allowed to be accessed by a privileged few. The Ascension Cycle requires our participation with ourselves and in order to gain energetic sovereignty in the matter worlds, the commitment to serve one’s spiritual core is what allows one to have access to these previously hidden systems.


這些知識都曾被保密起來 , 幾世紀以來被藏起來 , 而只存在於一些神秘學校的教導 --- 在古老智慧與哲學之中 --- 而且只有血親可以學習流傳的秘密 . 基本創造的智慧能量 --- 自然能量形成物資的法則 --- 以及一個人如何能掌握指揮這些能量來影響他們自己在物質世界的體驗 ?--- 以前只有非常少數人知道 .---“ 揚升的迴圈 要求我們全身心參與 --- 來在物質世界中得到能量控制權 .--- 我們必須忠誠於自己靈性的核心 --- 是我們能夠接觸到這些以前被隱藏的系統的方法 .--- 透過自己內心 !


To become attuned and aligned to the HGS template for applied session work for a multitude of purposes, one must patiently commit to the process of personal auric calibration to the HGS field.


HGS 平臺的聯機與進入 以便可以開始工作學習多重目標 --- 一個人必須很有耐性的堅持這個程式 --- 做好個人光體與 HGS 場的調整 !!!


This is called HGS Calibration. This is the most effective, efficient, harmless and productive method to gain access to the living energy system hosted by Guardian Krystal Star Teams. Patience and learning with the basic HGS Calibration method will yield fantastic results with personal healing and spiritual development. Massive increases with Higher Sensory Perception (HSP), lucid dreaming awareness and reconnection back into the God-Sovereign-Free (GSF)Krystal Star intelligence field, which has returned to the planet at this time. Without completing the calibration method, the HGS system is rendered inactive. Heart based integrity, ethical conduct and the full agreement to honor the Cosmic Sovereign Law of Humanity is required to be a facilitator of the HGS System.


這就叫做 HGS 調整 .--- 這是最有效率的 , 最有成果的 , 最無害的 , 最有生產力的方法來進入這個由水晶星球天使團所主管的活的能量系統 . 耐性與學習基本的 HGS 調節方法可以產生非常美妙的結果 --- 特別在個人療愈與靈性成長上 .‘ 個人感受理解敏銳度 也會大量提升 .--- 這包括了 夢境掌控覺知 以及與上帝主權賜予的自由水晶星球智慧場的重新連接 .--- 這個目前已回到地球的禮物 .

如果沒有完成調整程式 ---HGS 系統就不會啟動 . 以心的率真正直為基礎 , 有道德的行為 , 以及全心配合的來榮耀 宇宙人類律法 ”--- 對與 HGS 系統之調整很重要 !


The HGS system is primarily geared for personal healing while learning how to become one’s own etheric surgeon. This allows one to remove alien machinery from one’s aura, while participating directly with the process of spiritual initiation and light body activation, as guided byHSP ability. Simultaneously the system will educate one’s awareness through participation with the Galactic History time fields. This is to begin to remember the journey in the timelines with Extraterrestrial origins and the real histories of the human race.


HGS 系統主要是用來做 個人療愈 --- 同時學習如何去成為自己的 乙太體外科醫生 ”.--- 這樣你就可以學會如何移除你光體中被放入的 邪惡外星機器 ’.--- 同時又直接參與啟動 靈性 光體 的程式 .--- 依照 HS 能力 ( 高我 ?) 的指導來做 ! 同時 , 這系統會教育一個人 , 透過參與 銀河歷史時間場 ”, 來提高 覺知 ’!--- 這是一個人開始回憶起身為外星人時的時間線的旅程 , 以及人類真實的歷史 .


This is a new language being given to reeducate oneself beyond 3D mind control and the many veils of illusion. Learning to go beyond fear programs, mental preconceptions and dogma is mandatory for successful HGS calibration and for the process of learning how to use the system. A Statement of Action and Responsibility under Cosmic Sovereign Law is required to facilitate the system under the terms provided to activate the HGS Mentor Band to connect and support one’s HGS session work. (HGS Manual, Page 10)


這是一個全新的語言 --- 用來重新教育你超越 3D 的洗腦 \ 心智控制 , 並超越許多層幻象面紗 . 學習去超越你的恐懼程式設定 , 心理成見 \ 偏見 , 陳腐的思想 --- 是與 HGS 調整時必須做到的事 .--- 同時也是為了學習如何去使用這個系統 . 做一個 行動宣言與責任宣言 ”--- 依照 宇宙律法 是必要程式來完成 HGS 系統要求 --- 並依照 ‘HGS 要求指導 的來做到 --- 才能啟動 “HGS 心智網 而接上線 , 而能支援隨後的 HGS 程式課程 .


For our current HGS Certified Mentors, it is suggested in all agreed upon client-facilitator sessions that are reached through the mutual consent of all parties involved, that the HGS Calibration Method is the suggested pre-requisite for the continual use of the full HGS session template and HGS Modules. Under certain conditions (i.e. Parents of children or animals, larger grid-work, steward of organizations) the intention of stating Cosmic Sovereign Law to be applied towards the HGS session clearing, is sufficient.  HGS Calibration method can be given freely as spiritual homework before or after session work for the client to learn how to take self-responsibility for personal healing.


我們目前已有的 HGS 合格導師 --- 在所有指導課程裏 --- 學生與老師必須都同意 HGS 調整方法是 正式 HGS 學習課程 之前的 先導 \ 引導 \ 先行課程 ”!--- 才能開始使用 HGS 平臺與元件 . 除了某些狀況之外 ,( 例如父母子女寵物 , 或是比較大的柵欄工作 , 單位主管等 )--- 在這些狀況中 , 在遵守 宇宙律法 在正式 HGS 學習課程與平臺使用上已經是確定無疑的 --- 才能減少先行課程 .“HGS 調整方法 可以自由分享 --- 做為 靈性家課 在正式課程開始之前或之後來學習如何在 個人療愈 上做個 負責任的個人 ”!


This is especially important for those persons new to the HGS that are non-community members, and are not versed with the 12D shield technique and basic energetic clearing procedures.  The use of the personal 12 D shield between client–facilitator will greatly enhance the efficiency and ease of holding the session containment field and processes for clearing, healing and inorganic removals. Training the client relationship into basic HGS calibration procedure is the first key to have effective and productive continual sessions.


這些事對 HGS 不瞭解的人是特別的重要 --- 有些非家族成員 --- 12D 防衛性科技的個人使用完全不瞭解 --- 也不瞭解 基本能量清除程式 的人 --- 非常重要 !--- 使用 12D 防衛性科技在老師學生之間可以大大增進學習效果 , 以及在場域槽中授課的容易度 --- 而且較能清除掉 , 治療好 , 非有機非自然物的存在 . 把師生關係教好處理好在 HGS 調整程式階段 --- 有助於持續的有效果的後段學習 .


Those confident in energetic session ability may also intuit to utilize the HGS Calibration method and are free to share the HGS Calibration method with everyone at this time. These materials will be integrated into the ES website, of which can be easily referenced and shared with any person or group that may benefit. It is highly recommended to run through the HGS Calibration procedure beforehand with any client–facilitator sessions. This means the Facilitator should suggest before the session or during the first session to only run HGS Calibration method as the “first session”.


那些對能量課程有信心處理的人 --- 也可以開始使用 HGS 調整課程的方法 , 可以自由與人分享 .--- 現在就可以開始 . 這些訊息在 ES 網站上都會有 --- 大家很容易查到 .--- 可以利人利己的與大家分享 .--- 非常建議所有 HGS 老師現在就開始做這些調整先行課程 .--- 這意思也是 HGS 老師們不妨把這調整先行課程擺在其他課程之前先做 !


Listening to guidance received with HGS Calibration may take minutes, hours, or weeks. With chronic physical pain or difficult cases such as possession, addiction or severe trauma, it is suggested to apply HGS Calibration steps and the Quickstep PDD method. Quickstep PDD audio meditation is in the community platinum archives and can be freely given to any client for session support or for assistance with the HGS calibration method. One use or multiple usages may be required to complete HGS Calibration.


HGS 調整先行課程可能需要幾分鐘 , 幾小時或幾個禮拜 . 對於有慢性病的身體疾病之人 , 比方附體 ,( 毒酒 ) 癮症 , 嚴重心理創傷 --- 建議使用 HGS 調整課程外加 QuickstepPDDmethod.QuickstepPDDmethod 方法的冥想已經在 社區白金檔案 --- 可以隨時取用在任何人身上 .--- 並與 HGS 調整課程同時使用 . 不論是單次使用 QuickstepPDD 或多次 --- 請一定完成 HGS 調整課程 .


At this time the Guardian Host requests that non-community members only work with the HGS Calibration procedures and Quickstep PDD. The HGS Session template and HGS Modules will be released at a future date as the complete HGS manual, to be announced at a later time, to non-community members (public).


目前 天使主管團 要求 非社區會員 只做 HGS 調整課程與 QuickstepPDD. HGS 手冊被完成之後 ,HGS 平臺與元件才會釋放來使用 --- 才會對 非社區成員 民眾開放 .


However, the ES community is currently being requested to complete HGS session template field work within the ES member community container. This is the energetic responsibility required at this time to build the extensive network and mathematical template in our community supported system. This means only ES community members will have Guardian Mentorsupport with facilitation of the entire HGS session template as provided in the HGS Manual. ES Members can calibrate non-members as clients, as the session holder and facilitator, while non-members will not be supported in HGS session facilitation due to the field container constraints at this time. These HGS sessions are recorded mathematical template procedures that are building the platform of the ES and HGS community which protects the integrity of the system, as well as allow for the most effective use of the system moving forward. The ES Community container is the steward and protector of the HGS.


無論如何 ES 社區現在要求大家在 ES 社區槽完成 HGS 平臺場域功課 . 這是為了負起 能量責任 來建造廣的網路以及資料平臺在我們社區的支援系統中 . 這代表了只有 ES 成員能在眼前得到 天使輔導團 的協助來使用 HGS 完整的課程平臺 --- 依照 HGS 手冊中所指示的 .ES 會員可以指導非會員做學生 , 非會員 目前依照場域限制規定限制 --- 眼前還無法開始 . 這些 HGS 課程都是有記錄的資料平臺程式 --- ES HGS 社區的建構平臺 --- 這是為了保障這系統的完整性 .--- 同時也確保未來最有效的使用方法 .ES 社區槽目前是 HGS 的保護者與監護者 .


For newer ES Members, a thorough comprehension of the ES foundations and use of the ES core practices (which are included in the HGS calibration method) is the pre-requisite for learning HGS and carrying out full facilitation of HGS session template. A general time period of six months is suggested for continual ES community membership for appropriate integration time, such as listening to the community monthly classes before attempting to learn the HGS Session template.


對於新的 ES 會員 --- 一個對 ES 協會的成立基礎的完整理解 , 以及如何使用 ES 的核心練習的完整學習 ( 其中也包括了 HGS 調整方法 )--- 是學習 HGS 之前的先行要求 --- 以及能使用 HGS 平臺學習的基本工具 . 一個通常為期六個月的 ES 會員學習是一般建議的整合時間 .--- 比方聽每個月的課程等 --- 然後才能進入 HGS 平臺使用學習課程 .



The ES community is the energy platform and foundation to learn the HG language, to develop a skill set with core ES practices and ES foundations, and to take part in the community monthly activations. (Meditations) Seasoned energy session workers and energy facilitators with their own private practices may be exempt from the pre-requisite time period.This is a personal area where integrity, ethical conduct and self-responsibility to use the system wisely should be considered.


ES 社區是一個 能量平臺 以及學習 HG 語言的基礎 --- 可以發展出一些技巧能力 使用 ES 的核心練習以及基礎指導 .--- 可以參與每個月的社區活動 . 有冥想經驗與能量經驗的人可以不受這先期時間之限制 . 這是一個每個人的人格領域 --- 其中正直 , 道德的行為 , 負責任的態度 --- 來聰明的使用這個系統 --- 是需要嚴格考量過的 .


As we are emerging into a new community structure to support the requirements of the HGS technology, please have patience, as we are in growing transition to support the system as best as we are able. We will develop more clarity with training, learning and facilitation of the HGS system to become available to as many people who truly desire to learn proficiency with the energy healing that is made possible with the HGS. This is a completely new technology that we are learning to support the best we are able moving forward. Thank you so much for your patience with our growth process.


隨著我們逐漸聯結成一個新的社區架構來支持 HGS 科技所要求的條件 --- 請要有耐性 --- 因為我們正處在一個成長的轉型期來盡力的支援這個系統 .--- 隨著訓練 , 學習以及 HGS 系統連結的完成 --- 方便讓許多真正渴望透過 HGS 系統學習 能量治療 的人能方便使用此系統 .--- 我們給出的指示也會變得更清楚一些 . 這是一個全新的科技 --- 我們還在摸索中學習來盡力的支持它 . 很謝謝你在我們成長的路上所給予的耐性 .


This month of January please check our website if you are interested in learning more about the AoA Hieros Gamos System and the HGS Calibration procedure. Thank you for your patience with us as we are a huge work in progress.


如果你對學習關於 AoAHierosGamos 系統以及 HGS 調整系統程式有興趣的話 --- 歡迎看我們網站上一月份的月報 .


Congratulations to our Light Workers, Star Family and Indigo’s everywhere! From our Light Family to Yours, we send our heartfelt appreciation, gratitude for a joyous, abundant and loving 2013! Happy New Year!


恭喜所有地方的所有的光工們 , 星際家庭以及綻藍人群 ! 從我們光的家庭送給大家 --- 我們給予你們我們最誠摯的感恩 , 感謝 --- 為了一個歡樂的 , 富足的和充滿愛的 2013! 新年快樂 !


Stay in the luminosity of your Avatar heart path!


請停留在你心中聖者之路的光輝之中 !


Love, Lisa

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 Externalization Of The Krystal Star – 13 Lisa Renee –January 2013

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中文翻譯: 林琚月20130114

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