[A sannyasin says he always feels tired and bored. Osho checks his energy.]


[ 一个门徒说他经常感到疲劳、无聊。奥修检查他的能量。 ]




Don’t do any groups, mm? -- just rest for a few days. Up to the eleventh, simply rest. Sleep as much as you can: eat well and go to sleep, and if you want to do any exercise then just go to the swimming pool and lie down in the pool.


别上任何课,嗯?只要休息几天就好。一直休息到 11 号。能睡多久觉就睡多久:好好吃,多睡觉,如果你想做任何锻炼,就去游泳池,躺在泳池边上。


For these ten days simply rest. Be really lazy. On the eleventh your energy will take a turn; nothing to be worried about. So get ready for the eleventh.


在那 10 天里好好休息。好好懒一番。 11 号那一天你的能量会转变,没什么好担心的。所以为即将到来的 11 号做准备。


That means to become as lazy as possible so that energy accumulates. On the eleventh it will explode. Keep the eleventh in mind!


那意味着,要尽可能的懒,好让能量累积。 11 号那天能量会爆发。记住 11 号!(注: 11 号为奥修生日庆典)


译自:OSHO The Open Door



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